Monday, 28 March 2011

More Toadstools (and Plaques)

I've been a busy bod the last few days, I finished painting 3 more plaques for collection and posting tomorrow, I really like the turquoise of the car.

The colours for Chloe's plaque match
the colours in her bedroom.
It's not noticeable in this pic but the plaque is sprinkled with fairy dust and what girl doesn't like a bit of magical fairy glitter?

And what can I say about Harry...... He's a big Spurs fan and wanted something to hang on his bedroom door.
The Rooster standing on a ball is Tottenham Hotspurs emblem.  

As well as painting my plaques I have been uploading some of my old paintings onto the computer, these are two that were part of a nature exhibition I took part in a few years ago. I love the effect of the paint, it looks good  for this type of  subject.

 Both of these photo's were taken when the picture's were in their frames so didn't turn out so good but they are some of the only copies I have of these.

 I lost a lot of my good copies of paintings when my computer decided to crash and die a couple of years ago, since then I've always backed up my pics on an external hard drive.

I have some of my paintings, plaques and other bits and bobs in a lovely local shop and as all my toadstools paintings and fairy doors sold well I need a few more to replace them and I do enjoy making them.

The shop is Oshuns Emporium ,please find a link to their facebook page Here

Thats all from 'ickle old me for tonight, it's getting a bit late and I need a bit of shut eye, another busy day tomorrow so it's off to beddy byes ............. nighty night all

Jan x      zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. More beautiful plaques, Jan. Love the Beetle car and unicorn.

    Ali x
    Ali's Craft Studio

  2. Your paintings are lovely and the unique plaques. Have a go with the polymer clay - I've only just started with it, you could use it in your artwork - I'm sure it would blend in lovely.

  3. Love your mushroom/toadstool pictures. Thanks for the link to the shop. Off to have a look now.

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