Friday, 18 October 2019

Halloween gifts on Folksy

Halloween will soon be upon us and Folksy has a great variety of  handmade items, here are just a few that are lovely all year round gifts but especially great for Halloween.

A ceramic bat brooch by    Willow Gifts

A cute knitted vampire by  Knitting & Crafts by Jo

A fabric zippered purse by Jiggle Ma Wiggle

A Scull in a Bottle by   Handcrafted by Picto

These and more can be found on Folksy

Happy Halloween Hunting

Jan x

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Penguin Peg Dolls and Zazzle

These hand painted Wooden Peg Dolls are such cuties, great for display not only at Christmas but all year round.

This little p-p-p-p-pair of p-p-p-p-penguins have been out fishing and have a little painted fish each.

I love them so much I have used the photo's on lots of my Zazzle items. Zazzle is the on-line place to buy and personalise thousands of different items.
A Penguin Magnet

A Cute Magnet to keep your reminders handy.

Address Labels

The address labels are completely customiseable, you can change the message and address, you could also use it as a return address sticker.

Party Invitation

Completely customisable party invitation, all the details are on the back and all the wording is easily changed.

Gift Wrapping Paper

You need a gift, here's the perfect wrapping paper.

Gift Label

A Tag that can be personalised to suit, these labels can be used for gifts or as travel tags. The wording on the front and on the back can be changed to whatever you want.

Gift Bag

This pretty gift bag comes in lots of different sizes, choose the size to suit your gift.

My Zazzle Store

Cute Penguin Magnet

Change of Address Labels

Wrapping Paper

Gift or Travel Label

Gift Bag

Party Invitation

Click on the links to take you to my store or the individual items from this page.

Happy browsing

Jan x

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Barn Owl painted on a Wooden Heart

I love these little hearts, they are great to paint on and look pretty hanging up, I have a few around my home, they hang from a door handle in the lounge, the wardrobe door in the bedroom and from a wall light fitting in the conservatory, I can change them around depending on my mood or change of decor.

This little owl was painted for my Folksy Shop, he sits inside a cabinet at the moment, covered with tissue in a little box. If you want him then pop over to My Folksy Shop

Pop over to my Folksy Shop if you'd like to see more of my items for sale or you can get in touch with me via the 'contact' button in my Folksy Store.

Click the link to take you to   Handcrafted by Picto on Folksy

Jan X

Rainbows on Zazzle

Rainbows, fluffy clouds and blue sky that's the idea behind this design

Pretty rainbow across the fields, I'm not a professional photographer and I don't have a super dooper camera but I do enjoy getting out and taking photographs, this one was taken behind my house and I couldn't resist.

Have a morning cuppa in a happy mug, Available Here on Zazzle

Rainbow Mug available on Zazzle

 The rainbow after the rain is smiling and saying hello.... Click here to take you to the Key Ring
Key ring on Zazzle

Always a great welcome with this rainbow mat, Welcome to our home Door Mat

Door Mat for inside or outside

Here are just three of the rainbow designs available, with Zazzle you can transfer these designs onto a multitude of different items and the wording can be personalised to suit your needs.

Happy Clouds Design
Welcome Rainbow Design
Rainbows and Clouds Design

Pop over to My Zazzle Store to check out these and lots of other items

Jan X

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Honesty Seeds with a Greeting Card

I have some beautiful Honesty flowers in my garden, and this year I decided to collect the seeds and give others a chance to plant them in their garden too.

Beautiful Purple Honesty Flower
New Seed Pockets

The flowers come in shades of purple, pink or white, I have the pretty purple ones. They flower in spring and early summer, once flowered they produce seed heads that gradually dry out, if you leave them through the winter they will drop their seeds and will re-seed every year.

Dried Seed Pockets for Honesty Seeds

You can take the dried covering off the seeds leaving a beautiful oval and translucent spray coveted by dried flower arrangers.

Beautiful translucent seed head

Honesty Seeds, or Lunaria Seeds meaning Moon Shaped are quite delicate but will last for years in a dried flower arrangement.

These lovely flowers lead me to make some greeting cards...

These have been painted using acrylic paints, they also have a little bit of shimmer on the discs.

They come in three colours, Plum, Orange and Brown. 

Each card is blank for your own message and can be used for any number of greetings, great for Anniversaries, Birthdays, Retirement or Sympathy or just to let someone know that you care.

If you or the recipient doesn't want to plant them in their little patch of loveliness they can always pop them in their pocket and sprinkle them in the hedgerows when out for a walk.

These cards can be found in my Handcrafted by Picto Folksy Shop

Jan x

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Papier Mache Rock Pools

It's been a long time since I've played around with papier mache, it's something I used to do lots of as it was cheap and relatively easy. It was one of my 'go to' crafts for my children to do during school breaks or dreary winter months when they were stuck indoors. I used the simple method of soaking paper in water for a few hours then squeezing the water out and adding good 'ol PVA glue.

I made 3 little bowls and added a few rock pool details, in a couple of them I added some glass pebbles, the type you can buy for flower arranging etc.

 Painted with acrylic paints in lovely bright colours.

A great 3D effect

 Added a couple of coats of varnish

They look good individually or grouped together.

These are just paper and pva, the mixture I used was a bit lumpy because I didn't work it very much, it's more difficult to get any detail when it's like this, if you want more detail and a smoother finish there are lots of different recipes online, u-tube is a great source for information and ideas.

I'm pretty pleased with them and I love the design, next, I think I'll try something similar with Polymer Clay.

Jan x

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

12 Days of Folksy, Day 12 - All Wrapped up

This is the last day of the Folksy #12DaysofFolksy Challenge and the subject is #AllWrappedUp, now that could mean Brrrrrrr it's cold outside, I need to put on more layers or it could mean The presents are all done (or being done) soon to be under the Christmas Tree. Here are a few All Wrapped Up things I found on Folksy

A little Mouse All Wrapped Up by Llangollen Ceramics

Wire Wrapped Necklace by Beadstorm Jewellery

A warm and pretty wrap by Baker Welch Studio

Penguin Wrapping Paper by Jane Crick

Robin Wrapping Paper by Natalie Laura Ellen

Christmas Tags by Ali Dufty

So that's the Folksy 12 Days of Christmas All Wrapped Up, I hope you've enjoyed reading and seeing them as much as I've enjoyed doing them.

Thank you for reading

Jan x