Friday, 25 March 2011

Our peaceful countryside

The neighbours are at it again, why oh why can't they just get on.... I was working away painting my plaques and I heard one hell of a din outside, being a bit on the nosey side, as most of us are, I stopped work, it was time for a break anyway, I looked through the window and watched in fascination as Mrs Squiggle and Mr Mag were having a real humdinger over a peanut... a peanut of all things, it's not like there wasn't enough to go around. 

 Mr Mag squawked and jumped from branch to branch and was dive bombing Mrs Squiggle while she barked at the top of her voice, waving her tail all over the place. This went on for 10 minutes until they decided to go their separate ways. Peace at last, but for how long, they were like this last year, if it wasn't about food it was the location of nests and drays. I know it's going to start again because I seen Mr & Mrs Squiggle trying to relocate their winter home into the Mags' fir tree. 

Oh well, back to my painting
Jan x


  1. It's a blessing to be in community that is peaceful. I would love to wake up every morning when that happen to my place.

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