About me

I thought I'd do a little bit about me and the things I like, in no particular order. I am not an orderly person in some respects but in other ways I am quite fussy, methodical, painstakingly finicky and a fusspot and that's just a few of the adjectives I could use.
I'll keep adding to this page so don't forget to keep checking back, firstly I thought I'd show you a few bits and pieces that I like...... 

This first picture is a plaque that my sister made for my daughter way back in 1982 for her birthday. It still adorns the wall, it was painted in acrylic onto a wooden base from a basket weaving kit, I'm assuming that the basket was never made!!

 These ickle critters are some of my fridge magnets, they don't look very trustworthy do they? but they are very good at keeping my notes in place.

I love dabbling in many crafts but my favourite thing of all is painting. I will do large or small, cute and cuddly or definitely not so cute.  
I remember my sister and I sewing large triangles of bright fabric into the side seams of our jeans. We made our own Christmas decorations and often made our own greetings cards for all occasions. Our Mum was used to coming home from work or shopping and finding the table strewn with paint, glitter and glue, it was all just part of our lives. It was all good fun.

 And now the not so cute.......This is a sketch I done for a commission for a piece of door art that was based on a character from an online game. 
This is a finished piece of door art at the end of a long corridor, the corridor was 'lit' up for the purpose of this photo but it has no natural light and is usually lit by an overhead light with a red shade, creepy I know but it takes all sorts.The bit of corridor shown in the pic is about 1/3 of the whole and the door on the left is the bathroom so you can imagine the reaction when a visitor walks around the corner to be confronted by this.... there has been many a scream according to the owner.


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  2. Found you, and look forward to reading your posts


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