Tuesday, 15 March 2011

My day so far

It's turned out to be a bit of a grey day today, I was hoping to go into the garden for a while and get a bit of tidying up done but it's still a bit on the damp side and I'm a bit of a lazy gardener so will use the fact that there is still a bit of mist hanging around to decide not to do any garden work. I did go for a short walk though, not very far I grant you but a bit of fresh air and 'minimal' exercise is good for heart and soul.

I made the mistake of not taking my camera....
(note to self - need to take camera, need to take camera!!!)

I live on the edge of a village and lucky enough to be within walking distance of some lovely views. Today I walked to our local warren, it can be a bit of a bleak area and today, with the mist lurking around like a sulky teenager who'd been dragged off to visit the oldies, it was a bit drab looking. I should of gone earlier, there was a bit of a shy sun peeking out a couple of hours ago.

This picture wasn't taken today but it gives the idea of how bleak the warren can be.

I can see a stand of Scots Pine from my kitchen window and earlier with the sunshine the mist looked clean and bright and was happily dancing and playing tag among the trees.

I have done some work today, it's not all been walking in the wilderness, after doing the laundry and boring things like housework I managed to get some of my plaques finished off. I had put on the final coat of varnish last night and this morning I threaded them with their ribbons, all I need to do now get the photographs done.... I'm off now to make cuppa, I might even have a biscuit with it, then I'll do the pic's, (must check the batteries)

J x


  1. Hi Jan

    Looks lovely where you are,it's cold and grey here in Lincoln :( I got excited yesterday as the sun popped out, must admit I'm the same with the gardening, hoping to buy some veg and seeds soon to get them planted before the Summer creeps up! Really like your plaques x

  2. For some reason the bottom picture reminds me of Africa - all it needs is a lion walking across there. Really nice. I've been bemoaning the weather today too - Fog today in South Yorkshire. Cannot wait for spring and summer. Have to agree - Your plaques are really nice too.

  3. What a beautiful place to live in - Lovely reading your profile - you obviously have a lot to look forward to with the lovely grandchildren X


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