Sunday, 13 March 2011

Latest Plaques

The last Plaques I made have been posted and are now in their new homes, they were well received I'm pleased to say.

The first one is the design I done for the ACEO's in my previous post, this was initially requested by my customer after seeing a similar plaque in my face book album, the one in the album has kittens painted on it and the request was 'the same sort of thing but puppies' which made it a bit easier for me.

I have built up quite a large archive of past work and by photographing them it is not only a good way of keeping track of what I have done but good for the customer to look at before deciding what they want.

The Balloon plaque was a design that was chosen by the customer who requested 'hot air balloons in bright colours'. I had not done a hot air balloon before so I done a bit of a sketch and sent it over to my customer to ok (or not), happily she loved it. 
I love the way the colours turned out especially the blue, it is very fresh looking.


  1. I love your plaques!!! You're very talented!!

  2. I like these, especially the puppies!

    Kimberley x

  3. Thanks for leaving a post on Norfolk Crafts via Craft Forum! Thought I'd take a peek at yours - wow! I love the plaques and very colourful and uplifting! You should sell on Ebay too.

    Would you like to swap blog links - helps with traffic? I also have a giveaway on mine - feel free to enter.

    Nice to hear from you!!!

  4. I've seen the gallery and I was amazed of how you created those paintings. They are so natural that really shows your emotion during that time.

    New Furnace Greenwood Indiana


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