Sunday, 25 November 2012

Santa Claus & Robins

Hello all, apologies for such a short post from me for this Handmade Monday. I've been busy painting more Christmas Decorations, this time it's Santa's and Robins. They have a slightly glittery finish but unfortunately it's not showing up in the photo's.

Santa Claus Christmas Tree Decorations

Robin Redbreast Tree Decorations

These first ones are destined for a local shop I have some of my items in, I've also been asked by a second shop for decorations for part of their window display and I'm painting more for a local Art Gallery. These will all be on a sale or return basis so fingers crossed they will be the 'sale' rather than the 'return'. I'm really enjoying painting these (I may have even got carried away and forgotten when to stop!!) so I'm also selling them through my Folksy Shop my Wow Thank You Shop (when I get a chance to list them) and my Facebook Page

Got to run, I've got a kitchen full of Santa's waiting to be sprinkled with a bit of sparkle.

Jan x

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Christmas Hanging Decorations & Chalkboards

 On Thursday I had a table at an 'Autumn Shopping Event' at a lovely little village school in Cambridgeshire. The organiser found me through my facebook page,  and she sent me an invitation asking if I'd like to attend. It was held in the school hall and started at 3pm untill 6.30pm. I went and I had a lovely time, there was a wood turner, a jam and chutney maker (mmm the jar of Banana & Lemon I bought is yummy), a Jewellery maker who sold lovely fresh water and seed pearl pieces. There was a lovely lady who knitted and crocheted wonderful Ruffle Necklaces and Scarves. It wasn't an exclusively handmade event but it was very pleasant non the less.

Did I take photo's?... Nodid I remember my camera?... Yesdid I forget to take batteries?... No, but I forgot that they were flat, silly me. 
My best sellers (besides my Fairy Doors) were the Christmas Countdown Chalkboards

Christmas Countdown Chalkboards

and Christmas Hangy Decorations. I'll be putting these in my Folksy Shop and in my Facebook albums.

Hand painted Christmas Hanging Decorations

Do you like my display tree? I used a couple of twigs from the garden, painted them white and sprinkled it with glitter. I set the twigs into a tub of stones and plaster of Paris to make sure it was sturdy.

I had a successful and pleasing afternoon, I hope you all had a pleasing week too. I'm off now to check out the great blogs over at The Handmade Harbour blogspot

Jan X

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Christmas Doors? or Christmas Fairy Doors?

I hope you have all been well this week, I was struck down with the dreaded early winter cold and had a few days feeling sorry for myself, but hey ho things don't get done by themselves and I think the housework fairy has gone on holiday.
Ooo, did someone mention 'fairy'? oh yes that was, talking of fairies!!! I was asked if I could do a Christmas Door similar to my small Fairy Doors, so I did, I liked it, so did my customer, so I made some more....
I painted wreaths hanging on the doors

Christmas Doors
  I painted mistletoe

Doors in chilly ice colours

 I painted stockings on some of the doors

Christmas doors in traditional red & green
 I painted snow 

These small Christmas doors measure a cute 2 x 3 inches

I'm due to do a Craft Fair at a village primary school this week so hopefully they will be well received, fingers crossed, I'll also be popping a couple in my Folksy Shop, question is, do I call them 'Christmas Fairy Doors' or just 'Christmas Doors' ? what do you think?

They will have a little label on the back saying that it is a special door so Santa will always find his way into the home (even if you haven't got a chimney)

Before I go I'd like to thank every one who popped over and left messages (or just had a read) of my previous posts, I think I managed to get around most of the other blogs that take part in Handmade Monday, and I'd like to say a big thank you to Wendy for hosting this linky party.

Take care all

Jan x

Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Owl & the Glittery Moon Notebook Cover

In my last post HERE I wrote about my Halloween Craft Swap organised by Kat from With-u-in-mind  and the great gifts I received.

The gift I made was for Julie from  I made a card. I was given a list of Julies likes and dislikes and decided to make an appliquéd notebook cover. (with notebook)

Appliquéd Notebook Cover

The Owl & the Glittery Moon


Glittery Moon

Julie is really pleased with her Craft Swap and I am pleased with how it turned out, especially the glittery moon.

I've linked this post to Wendy's Linky Party over at Handmade Harbour blogspot

Jan X