Sunday, 31 January 2016

Little Wooden Houses and Beach Huts

I do like it when I'm cutting wood, I don't have a fancy workshop, in fact I don't have a workshop at all. I cut all my wood under the gazebo in my garden. Great in the summer but I have to wrap up warm in the winter. Although by the time I've sawn, whittled and sanded I'm wiping my brow and removing the outer layers.
I've been making Little Houses & Beach Huts on Stands, some of you may of already seen them on my Facebook Page

A Village of Little Houses

This little 'village' has a Cottage, a couple of Tudor Houses and even some Beach Huts. They have been given a distressed look, the green bases have little ladybirds on them, you know I like my Ladybirds. The Beach Hut bases have been painted yellow and blue for the sand and the sea and there are 4 little fishes painted along the edge.

Home Sweet Home Tudor House

The Tudor Houses have signs reading 'Home is Where the is' and 'Home Sweet Home ' These signs can be changed around and can even be personalised. These look really pretty sitting on a shelf or mantle.

Love Shack

I made this Little Love Shack . This and all the other Little Houses have been painted on all 4 sides and as you can see in the photo the house isn't attached to the base so it can be facing any way.

A Heart for a Love Shack

I've also been playing around with little fimo clay hearts dangling from wire, these could be used with the houses or even as bases for my Peg Dolls. I could use different charms or fimo shapes, maybe a sun, a cloud, the moon or a star. I'm enjoying playing.... ahem... working hard making these and have lots of other ideas in mind. As usual, you'll find these in my online shops (links up and to the right )

I'd like to thank everyone for leaving your great comments last week, I loved reading them, it looks like most of you put the writing after the photo you're talking about and I learned a few things about Ladybirds too.

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Jan ♥

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Ladybird Peg Dolls for Valentine Gifts

I've been painting Peg Dolls again, these are great for Valentines Day but as love is not just one day specific these are equally ideal for any time of the year.

Ladybird Love Bug with Wings

Ladybirds (or Ladybugs) are one of my favorite wee creatures so make perfect little Love Bugs. The wings are made of felt, I painted the black spots and added lots of sparkle. The antennae are made from wire. 

Peg Doll with a painted cloak

A little Love Bug doesn't have to have felt wings, this one has a painted cloak instead.

A Couple of Ladybird Peg Dolls

This pair are really cute and would make a lovely cake topper for an engagement or wedding.
These can be found in my online shops (links up and to the right) or you can contact me if you want something similar.

OK so I have 3 'ickle diddy Questions for you.....

1.. Do you call them Ladybirds or Ladybugs... or do you have your own name for them?

2.. What do you call male Ladybirds?

3.. When you're writing about a photo do you place the writing BEFORE or AFTER said photo?

Jan x
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