Sunday, 15 June 2014

Plaques for an Outdoor Play House

I've been busy painting more outdoor plaques, I love the pink edging on this plaque, this one is for a garden play house, it's the second one I've made for Dolly, the first one was painted back in September 2011, now Dolly has a sister a new plaque was needed, you can see the first  Dolly's House Plaque here.

Outdoor Play House Plaque

I love that my customer has come back to me 3 years later requesting another plaque and something I was really pleased to do.

A Garden Plaque with Glittery Edging

This next plaque was requested for a Garden Play House with a 'Wizard of Oz' theme but instead of Toto I was asked to have a White Westie in the picture....

'Over the Rainbow' Play House Plaque

There is glitter paint on the rainbow and the water droplet. I received a phone call from my customer who was really pleased with the plaque for her grandaughter and gave me wonderful feedback.

A Chunky Outdoor Plaque

The glitter doesn't show up very well in these photographs, if you have any hints or tips how best to photograph glitter and sparkle I'd love to hear them.

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Jan x

Sunday, 8 June 2014

The importance of proof reading and double checking...oh and a Purple Cupcake Plaque

Ok we all make mistakes at times...
I received an order via my facebook page for one of my cupcake plaques, we sent messages back and forth, we sorted out the colour scheme, the wording (without an apostrophe in the name), I wrote it on my 'To-Do' list and set to work,

My To-Do List

I sketched it out, prepared the wood, painted, varnished, glitterfied, attached the hanging cord and bow and was pleased with what I'd done. I took photo's, the colours were scrummy, the cupcake looked yummy, I wrapped it carefully and popped it in the post.

It arrived safely at it's destination and I received a lovely message from my customer...

'I just received the Plaque and it's Lovely. The only thing is, it says Kellzies Kitchen instead of Millzies Kitchen. Other than the name I love it'!! 

Oooops, wrong name!!
Oh poop and a big ooops, nothing for it but do it again, I really have no idea what happened, I can only think that the lack of chocolate in my diet is playing havoc with my concentration. So the moral of the story is, double check and triple check as you go along, or EAT MORE CHOCOLATE!!

The correct Cupcake Plaque

Mmmm Yummy Cupcake

The correct plaque has now arrived to my lovely customer Millzies Cakes  over on face book, she has a lovely page filled with delicious looking cakes. The 'Kellzie' Plaque has been returned and I will use it as a sample to display on my table at any craft fairs... but of course, if anyone knows a Kellzie??  

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Jan x