Sunday, 27 March 2016

A Cat & A Mouse Nursery Paintings

I've been working on a few projects this week, some are not quite ready for their final photographs so they'll be for a future blog post. I've taken a few Work in Progress pics along the way so here are a few teasers. I'm really pleased with these little animals so while I was waiting for the varnish to dry on the wood I thought I'd do some nursery paintings.

Work in Progress

 I decided to start with the Ginger Cat and the Little Pink Eared Mouse....

Cat & Mouse for the Nursery

I used white mounts to set them off nicely.

The Mouse & the Flower
The Cat & the Poppy

I used a frame that I already had to show how they'd look all framed up, these 2 mounted pictures have been put in my Folksy Shop

I really enjoyed my time doing these so I can see myself painting lots more.

Enjoy the rest of your week end

Jan x

Sunday, 13 March 2016

St Patricks Day Charms & a little snippet of WIP

I hope everyone is having a good week, did you know that it will soon be St Patrick's Day? (Thursday 17th March), so Happy St Patrick's Day to all who celebrate, I don't celebrate this day myself but I have family over in Ireland so always receive a couple of cards and messages. I decided to make a few special Hanging Bottles....

St Patrick's Day Bottle

I made a bottle filled with the gold coins I collected from the End of the Rainbow!!!

ok, ok,  I'll come clean, I didn't really find the tub of gold at the end of the rainbow, I made all the little coins with gold card.

Green Fairy Dust in a Bottle

4 Little Bottles all in a row

Good Luck Wishes in a Bottle, these make nice little Good Luck Charms that can be hung up around the home.

I've also been working on a new idea for my paintings on wood, here is a little peek at some of my work in progress.......

WIP Cats and Bunnies

WIP painting on Wood

That's all from me for now, I'm off to have a nosy at Lucy Blossom Crafts Link Up

 Jan x

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Happy St Davids Day, Dragons and Daffodils

Today is St Davids Day, the Patron Saint of Wales, check out more about St Davids Day Here 

I haven't got anything new to show you this week so in celebration of this special day  I'll show a few of my previous makes....

Red Dragon is a Red Dragon that I made for a boys Name Plaque, a Red Dragon is depicted on the Welsh Flag.

A Tiny Daffodil Aceo Painting

The Daffodil is the National Flower of Wales

Daffodils on a Heart

It's a lovely flower that you can see alongside our roads and hedgerows. I've painted these Daffs on Aceos and Hanging Hearts.

St David of Wales

Images of St David often depict him on a hill with a white dove on his shoulder. It's said that the dove represents the Holy Spirit which gifted St David with eloquent speech when he preached. Some stories say the dove is depicted because one landed on his shoulder on the day he miraculously raised a hill to preach.

A Nesting Dove

This is my resident dove in my garden.

Rough Sketches

Happy St Davids Day

Jan x

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