Thursday, 28 July 2011

E is for......

Continuing with my alphabet theme, I am now up to the letter E
FirstlyI thought of doing 'E is for Events' but decided that there is a far better blog post about this subject than I could ever write. This one, 'Being an Exhibitor' written by Former Glory Seat Weaving is split into 4 episodes and well worth reading, so pop over and have a look and a read of   Episode 1   2   3   and 4
I could of written something on Equality, Ecology or Evolution but I think my brain cell is either sleeping, has gone on strike or my husband has borrowed it. I had it yesterday Evening but it was missing when I woke up this morning.

So instead, I'm going to wonder around my computer and see what I come up with.

How about some Emerald Isle Earrings handmade from 'The Endless Knot' on  Folksy

or check out her Blog HERE

Or a lovely Enamelled Egg Pendant from The Magpies Daughter on  FOLKSY 
or you can see some of her lovely items on her BLOG

The next thing that came to my cell-less mind was E is for Elephant.
Did you know that in India and other Asian countries the Elephant is considered to be lucky? It is a symbol of power and intelligence.
It is also a Religious Symbol in the Hindu Faith. Among the Buddhists it is said that Lord Buddha’s mother dreamt of a White Elephant at the time of her conception and the White Elephant is said to symbolise the Divinity of Lord Buddha. 
There are many stories and myths about the Elephant, you can read more about them  Here


These are some Elephants I found around my house and garden

 and to finish off...
Some more Elephants for your garden...........

 .........these are quite impressive aren't they? but a bit big for my little patch.

That's all for now.....

Jan x

Monday, 25 July 2011

Pink Plaques

 I seem to have had a bit of a pink moment......

Shhh..... Princess sleeping             

A little Princess sleeps here is a popular Plaque and I like to do each one slightly different.

 'Shhh....Baby sleeping
This Plaque painted 'portrait' rather than the usual 'landscape' seems to be a hit and I already have a few orders in different colours. 

Just as a change from pink I'd like to show you a rose from my garden.

The colour is really beautiful, I haven't messed around on the computer with the colour of this rose, it is truly black when it first buds and over the next few days becomes a lovely velvety red.

Just starting to open

The fully opened flower    

Don't forget to have a mooch over to 1st Unique Gifts blog and check out what the other wonderful bloggers have been up to.

Bye for now

Jan x

Monday, 18 July 2011

Family, Awards and Handmade Monday.

Wow what a busy couple of weeks I've had, some ups and some downs. 
On the up side I had my daughter and grandson to stay with me for a week and that was great fun. The house seems so quiet now they have gone back home. 
My mum,bless her, was in hospital for a short while, things improved and so they allowed her home, after one day at home she had a dizzy spell, blacked out and fell on some steps and was duly carted off to hospital for another week, she's back home again now and doing well. (Fingers crossed)

Out for a stroll

Another up is I have been awarded the One Lovely Blog Award by my fellow bloggers so I would like send my thanks to the following people.

Here are a few guidelines that go along with this award

Link back to the wonderful people who gave me the award

Share 7 random things about myself

Pass on the award to 15 deserving, newly found or loved blogs.

Ok, the 'rules' say random, so they don't have to be profound, witty or interesting although it would be better if they were at least one of the three, but hey, whose to say what's witty  to one person would be dead pan to another, so I'll just plump for random and hope for the best.....

  1. According to my children and my husband I cannot carry a tune and anyone who has ever heard me sing agrees with them.
  2. I hate feeling cold. 
  3. As a child I wanted to have the ability to become invisible, I'd still like to, just think of the fun I could have.
  4. My favourite  re-reads  are the 'Clan of the Cave Bear' series of books by Jean M Auel, the 'Duncton Wood' series by William Horwood and 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens which I read every Christmas.
  5. I don't like ice in my drinks.
  6. My first job was as a 'Window Dresser' in a Fashion and Bridal Shop.
  7. I think it's really difficult to think of 7 random things. Ok so this last one is cheating but it didn't say anything in the rules about not cheating.
Below are the 15 blogs I have chosen. I hope you pop over and have a look. These are all blogs I enjoy visiting, some I have followed for a while and some are quite new to me but they are all worth a visit.

I don't know how the number 15 came about and I feel it is a bit of a high number so if I have passed this award to you and you don't yet follow 15 blogs then I'm sure nobody would mind if you do less, after all the rules are more guidelines than 'law'. These awards are a great way of discovering new blogs or as a way of thanking the writers of those blogs we enjoy visiting, but most of all they are fun. There are no 'do's or dont's' about these awards, they are not compulsory and I understand that not everyone likes to participate, I picked the following because I enjoy them not because I expect them to do anything. I hope you enjoy them too.

I have a bit of a catch up to do with my Plaque Orders, as with all of my Plaques this one can be done in any colour requested and can be painted and hung either landscape or portrait.

Now it's time for a bit of a blog catch up, I'm off to read all the wonderful blogs who are participating in 1st Unique Gifts' blog hop, You can find it here at Wendy's blog so why not come along and check out what everyone else has been up to.

Before I go I would like to thank Kirsty at Ladybird Beads for featuring a Personalised Canvas of mine, I hope you take the time and pop over to her blog.

Bye for now, I wish you all a good week.
Jan x