Thursday, 3 March 2011

March is here....

I can hardly believe that March is with us already, the last 2 months have just flown by.
February was a busy month for me, I have managed to get my facebook page a bit more established, I'm really pleased about that, the biggest thing that helped was a fair that I done in January, I managed to give out a lot of business cards and hey I now have a load of 'likes' on my facebook page.

I have my Folksy shop up and running, I haven't sold anything up to now but there's time yet. Even though I'm very excited about everything it's all a bit daunting, as you may know I'm not very computer savvy but I am learning as I go along. My latest thing is this blog, I'm getting the hang of it and I'm sure that things can only get better. I've been playing around with the design settings and up to now my theme has been green, then blue, then I decided I liked the dark red better, I then decided that it was a bit difficult to read with such a dark background so I've changed it again to a pale green, it will probably have many changes, I imagine I will never decide on just one theme, there are far too many choices and I want to try most of them.

So back to March, what will this month bring, it's already brought out the first flowers in the garden and the hedgerows, the trees are budding and the sun is shining (sometimes). It is not warm though, by any stretch of the imagination.  Brrrrrrrrr
I've seen my first lambs of the year, happily gambolling and frolicking away in the field and I've also been lucky enough to see my first hare of the year. 

  Do you like him?

Today I finished an order of plaques, a monkey and a rabbit, no photo's as yet, I'll hopefully be doing that tomorrow and getting them up on my facebook. I've also been playing around with some fairy doors, A friend who has a shop want some to display.  I done my first ones many moons ago when my not so ickle kiddies were really ickle. I used to do them out of paper mache or air dry clay but I'm thinking of doing a few out of wood, I think wooden ones will be a bit more robust, they can also be done for outdoor use. More on that later.

That's all for now, I'll be back soon


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  1. The lamb is sweet. Did you draw him? I have one of those Trust tablets but the images won't upload on Blogger sadly.



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