Sunday, 25 January 2015

Tooth Fairy Doors for Boys & Girls

Do you believe in the magic of Fairies?  I love anything to do with Magical Folk and one of my favourite items to make and paint are my Fairy Doors. They have always been a popular gift for children of all ages and are great for both boys & girls. I love that the tradition of the Tooth Fairy is still so prevalent.
Here are some of the Tooth Fairy Doors. Like my other Fairy Doors I can make these in any colour and in different sizes. These Fairy Doors have a little tooth painted on them.

Wooden Personalised Tooth Fairy Door

All the details are hand painted and are all different.....

Turquoise Tooth Fairy Door

the Doors are varnished and have a shimmer of sparkle..........

Handpainted Door for the Tooth Fairy

they can be painted in any colour...........

Small Fairy Door

they come with a sticky pad to attach to a door or wall, or a bedpost or the skirting board.....

A Tooth Fairy Door with a Scroll
they also have a little attachment you can add with a sticky pad so they can be free standing, ideal for on a shelf, bookcase or cabinet....... 

A Door & a Scroll for a boy
the doors are all hand cut and painted so no two are exactly the same.

Small Tooth Fairy Doors

Anything that makes the loss of a tooth less scary, painful or upsetting must be a good thing, and to be given a few penny's or pounds in exchange is certainly a bonus.

The larger doors are made with pine and are approximately 31/2 x 41/2 inches, if you prefer your measurements in metric this is about 9 x 11.5 cms
The small doors are mdf and are 2 x 3 inches (5 x 7.5 cms)

As usual you can find some of these in my online shops (follow the links on the right) or you can commission one to your own specifications. Just send me a message.

It's time for Handmade Monday, it's now being held at it's new location over at Lucy Blossom Crafts.

Wishing you a happy and magical week

Jan x

Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Hare Gazing at the Moon

Hello all, for this weeks Linky Party  I thought I show you this painting that is in my Etsy Shop. The Hare Gazing at the Moon is a very popular image and one I enjoy painting.

Hare Painting in Mount

It is painted with Acrylic Paints and set in a cream mount.

Hare Gazing at the Moon


Detail of Hare and Seedheads

It would make a lovely piece of Nursery Art, I hope you like it.

Jan x

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Valentine Cards & Gift Hearts all in one

Is it too early to be thinking about Valentines Day

Well I know that it's never too early to be thinking about Love

Last year I made Hanging Hearts for Valentines Day, this year I have more Hearts but this time I've attached them to hand drawn cards. These do well for other occasions such as Weddings or Anniversaries, or 'Just Because' after all we don't need an excuse to tell someone we love them.

A Valentine Card and Gift in one

 There is a mixture of Cream or White Cards and each one has a different hand drawn design.

Two Little Blue Birds on a Heart

The insides have been left blank

My Heart Forever

 The Lindor Chocolates used as props have now been eaten......

Love on a Hanging Heart

Well,you didn't think they'd last past the photo session did you?
Mmmm they were yummy.

Ladybirds & Hearts

 The Hearts can be taken off the card and hung up

Kissing Blue Birds on a Hanging Heart

Some of these are in my online shops, you can get to them via the links in the sidebar or you can message me on this blog.

Have you already made anything special for Valentines Day?  or have you yet to make something?

Have a great week

Jan x

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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Santa's Sleigh a Christmas Tree and a Little Elf Doorway

Hello everyone, this is my last post before the Big Day. I hope you all get a visit from the big guy on his Sleigh

Santa's Sleigh

I wish you good cheer around the Christmas Tree

A Christmas Tree

And here's hoping that Santa's Elves and the Winter Fairies have come through the Christmas Door to see if you have all been good boys and girls

Santa's Elf Door

I have lots of lovely followers and have had great comments & feedback throughout the year and I'd like to wish everyone a  
Wonderful Christmas
and lots of good wishes for a Brilliant 

Have Fun and Take Care

Jan x

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Christmas Decorations for the Christmas Tree

Who has a Christmas Tree?

Who likes Tree Decorations?
Did I hear you cry "me" and "I do"?

So just for you, here are some hand painted decorations..

Firstly here are some of the popular Cheeky Snow Chappies

A Trio of Cheeky Little Snowmen

How about some Cats in Hats

Kitty Cats for the Christmas Tree

Next up is a Cute Christmas Penguin

A Penguin in a Santa Hat

and the last one for now is a Sweetly Singing Robin

A Christmas Robin Singing his Sweet Song
Some of these are in my one line shops, you will find the links in the Right Hand Column or if you want something similar making or personalised you can contact me either through my shops or on here.

Jan x

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Away with the Fairies

I'd like to show you one of my painted plaques, this is a commissioned plaque for a business, the colours were chosen by the customer, aren't they lovely.

The pink and green work so well together.
I decided to keep within the chosen colour scheme when painting the Ladybirds, also known as Ladybugs, I've seen these sweet little critters dressed in red, in orange and in yellow but I do love these pink ones.

I thought a couple of cute little toadstools would look good with the plaque, they can sit on a shelf near the sign, of course they had to be matching colours, have you spotted the little Faery Door on the tree trunk?

Here is a closer look at the Toadstools. These were very well received and now live in Australia.

I'm off to get more painting done......

Jan x

Monday, 27 October 2014

My Pumpkin Patch Post

It's that time of year again, that spooky fun time. Each year I have a table at a local Pumpkin Patch Event, you can check out their Pumpkin Patch Facebook Page Here, it's held every week end in October, this year I've only managed a couple of week ends but non the less I've had a great time. Here is one of the wooden pumpkins I made......

My Hanging Pumpkin

So many pumpkins to choose from.......

Pumpkins Galore

I love this Haunted Caravan, a great opportunity for family photographs.....

The Haunted Caravan

I love all the different sizes and shapes, great names too, green button, turban, Italian Snake and Speckled Swan are just a few.....

Gorgeous Gourds 

These are some of the signs I made for the event, these are all 13 x 51/2 inches (33cm x 14cm)....

Hand painted Halloween Signs


A few more Halloween Signs

Like the sign says, have a Happy Halloween

Jan x

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