Saturday, 4 February 2017

A Garden plaque with Pretty Flowers

I'm having a bit of a catch-up, I've been lagging on the blogging front but not on the making front.

A personalised plaque for Oma's Garden, this is an outdoor plaque and I love taking the photo's out in the garden, especially when there are pretty flowers about.

Pretty Flowers in Oma's Garden

Beads and Twine to hang the Plaque

I can do similar plaques on request, you can always contact me via one of my shops or facebook, links are on the right.

Happy gardening

Jan x

Thursday, 7 July 2016

#Folksy Friday ~~~ Birds

Each week I shall be sharing some of my favorite finds, with links, from the wonderful online shopping platform Folksy
This week I've been in the garden watching the newly fledged birds being fed by their busy parents, so I've chosen birds  for this weeks  #folksyfriday post.......

 Who wouldn't be pleased with this lovely Letter Writing Set

I love this little Bird on the Donkey 

 A pretty Purple Birdie on a Necklace

 and lastly, a little Happy Bird Day Card

 that's all from me for this weeks Folksy Friday, I hope you can pop over for a browse.

Jan x

Sunday, 3 July 2016

White Unicorns

Firstly I'd like to say a big Congratulations to Victoria on her wedding announcement over at Lucy Blossom Crafts,   I wish her lots of fun and no pre-wedding stress while organising such a wonderful event.
*** *** *** ** * ** *** *** ***
Meanwhile, I managed to pick up a couple of small canvases that came with their very own easels, they're so cute and perfect for a shelf or table top and perfect for a couple of Unicorns.......

A White Unicorn with a Silver Mane on a lovely sky blue background.

 Painted around the side of the canvas and finished off with a shimmer of sparkle.

 A Prancing White Unicorn on a peach background.

The mane is painted with silver and gold coloured paint and finished off with a shimmer of sparkle.

That's it from me at the moment, I'm sharing this post over at the linky party at Lucy Blossoms Blog

Jan x

Friday, 1 July 2016

#Folksy Friday - Poppies

Each week I shall be sharing some of my favorite finds, with links, from the wonderful online shopping platform Folksy
Today is the 100th anniversary of The Battle of the Somme so I've chosen Poppies for this weeks  #folksyfriday post.

A beautiful Dish from...

This lovely Candle from...

 A Cat and Poppies from my shop....

A Pretty Poppy Necklace by...

I hope you can pop by and click on the links to the shops and help to spread the hand made love.

Take care

Jan x

Friday, 24 June 2016

#Folksy Friday, Raining Cats and Dogs

One of the places I have a shop is, it's a great online selling platform and as part of a way to spread the word about Folksy I'm sharing the hashtag #folksyfriday, you can read more about how this works here on the Folksy Blog.
I'm aiming to do a #folksyfriday post each week by showing you some of the wide array of British handmade items that can be found on Folksy.
This week, although it's the beginning of the Great British Summer, it's been raining cats and dogs so with this in mind here's my 1st Folksy contribution.....


Click on the links to be taken to the items and while you're visiting their shop, you might also like to 'Favorite' it or 'Love' a few items, or check out the rest of the site and help spread the word of British Handmade. 

Jan x

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Birds, Cards & WiP Hearts for Handmade Monday

I had a quick trip to the coast one day this week, it just happened to be the coldest and windiest day of the week, after a hot cup of tea at a little cafe I managed to take a few photo's of birds along the waters edge.

Birds on the Rocks

Sanderlings on the Shoreline
I had a look at good old Google when I got home and I think they may be Sanderlings, they are so cute standing on one leg.

A couple more cute birds can be found on the cards I have in my HandcraftedbyPicto Folksy Shop

Happy Bird Day Card

These have been hand painted using acrylic paint and attached to a white card.
Happy Bird Day for a Happy Birthday ♫♪♪

The inside of the card has a nice sheet of lilac paper for you to write your own message.

I'm working on some commissions at the moment so here's a couple of work in progress shots,

WIP Hearts

Do you like my 'one use only, don't bother cleaning, just throw away palette tray'?
Personalised Hearts

I have to be a bit secretive until they are all completed but I can tell you that they each have a name and favorite items painted on.

That's all from me at the moment

Jan x

I'm listing this post over at Lucy Blossom Crafts for Handmade Monday

Monday, 18 April 2016

New Outdoor Plaques for Garden Sheds

I've missed a couple of weeks of blogging, The Hubster and I decided to have a few days away for a bit of R&R, it was great to have a bit of time out and a thoroughly lazy time. Other than my little break I've been busy with commissions.

Outdoor Plaque

The Spade and Fork image tends to be one of my most popular Shed Plaque designs but I can work with my customer to personalise any design.

Personalised Garden Shed Plaque

For Val's Garden Shed I was asked to include a butterfly, a cat and a hedgehog.

Outdoor Plaque

Both these plaques are now with there new owners and I had lovely emails back, it's always great to know that an item got to it's destination safely and in good time but even more pleasing to get great feedback.

Right, I'm off to play work, I've got some hearts to prepare for my next commission.

Jan x 

As usual, I'm linking this post across to Lucy Blossom Crafts Link Up