Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Peg Dolls for NHS Staff

Gosh, we're into the second month of a new year, I wonder what 2021 will bring?

2020 was a challenge, lots of ups and downs and we've seen the best of many people, I, like many others have had to stay connected by the use of  phones, computers and the post.  Hearing a friendly, familiar voice on the phone, or reading a message from someone I care about has been wonderful but I've missed hugs from my close family and friends. 

I thought the lockdown during this global pandemic would give me plenty of time for lots of crafting but because of personal worry and stress I've not been very busy with my making and painting except for a few commissions and thank you gifts.

Three of my thank-you makes were personalised NHS Peg Dolls with different uniforms and hair colours,

Peg Dolls for NHS Staff

I loved making these, the fact that they are so personal and different makes them special. 

At this time of uncertainty continue to stay safe and maintain the recommended practices that keep you healthy. Take care, stay safe.

Jan x

Friday, 4 September 2020

Beards for Folksy Friday

 Are you a fan of the beard? Folksy has a variety of beard themed items, from keyrings to beads, from ornaments to grooming kits and artworks, here are just a few of my favorites. 

All these shops can be found by clicking on the following links or you can go direct to Folksy,  the UK online store for all your handmade items. 

Handcrafted by Picto

Lampwork Beads by Jo

Orchard Felts

Adam Regester Art & Illustration

Belvedere Collections

KJ Woodturning


Thank you for visiting


Jan x 

Friday, 21 August 2020

Beautiful Blue

A selection of pretty items from FOLKSY, the Home of British Craft

The colour blue is such a versatile colour, the items I've chosen this week are pretty, vibrant and bright. I hope you enjoy them.

All these items plus many more can be found in the shops listed below, click on the link to see more wonderful items. 

Handcrafted by Picto

Gossamer & Thorn

The Way to Blue

Steves Art Shop

Witty Dawn


James Green Printworks

Don't forget to visit  FOLKSY for lots more prettiness

Jan x 

Thursday, 23 July 2020

Face masks & Face coverings on Folksy

This week sees a change in the face mask situation, while lots of people have already been wearing masks when out and about there have been lots of others who haven't, but now, from today it has become compulsory to wear a mask or face covering when in shops. Folksy - the Home of British Craft has a number of shops selling a variety of coverings, different styles, different colours and all hand made, here are just a few...

Art You Wear
Sew Taylor Made Designs
Ginger Original

So just wonder over to Folksy.com and pop face masks or face coverings in the search bar and have a browse.

Take care and stay safe


Thursday, 30 April 2020

NHS Nurses, Carers & Doctors Peg Dolls

I love painting peg dolls, I've painted Halloween, Christmas Angels, Elves, Lady bugs and Penguins....

Previous Peg Dolls

All my latest dolls are a homage to our wonderful healthcare workers.

A Nurse with a face mask and a watch pinned to her scrubs, she is standing on a wooden pedestal with a heart attached to a wire.

A group photo of Dr's, Nurses and carers.

Male Peg Dolls dressed in their scrubs

3 Female Peg Dolls in their scrubs.

All these are available in my Folksy Handcrafted by Picto Shop

I am able either replicate any that are sold or I can paint one in a different colour scrubs and hair colour. Just send me a message via my Folksy shop.

I hope you are all managing well at these difficult times
Take care and stay safe

Jan x

Friday, 24 April 2020

Folksy Friday ~ support for our NHS

This weeks Folksy Friday is a little shout out for our brilliant NHS and key workers, all the items I have chosen this week are based on our support for the NHS and key workers at this time.

I've listed the shop links rather than the item link so you can browse all the other great items in the shops.

Laura Lee Designs
Gifts Print 3D
molly designs
Handcrafted by Picto
Cosy Felt Creations
Michelle Corbin Designs

Stay safe

Jan x

Monday, 20 April 2020

A Shed for Dad, or Grandad, or anyone..

Hellooooooo, long time no see, it's not been a productive 2020 so far for me and not a lot of crafting or painting has been done. But, I'm hoping to change that and kick start my 'mojo'.

The Hubster has been working from home since the Pandemic Lockdown and has taken over my workspace with his computer set-up that he needs to use every day, but hey, that's not a problem, we all have to be flexible during these times and as we are having such good weather in the UK at the moment I've done done some of my work outside in the sunshine.

A couple of my latest pieces are these little garden sheds.....

Dad's Shed has painted birds, flowers and garden tools

Hiding under the window next to the soil heap is a cute little hedgehog.

Grandads Shed (below) has a green painted door, a couple of little dicky birds and another little hedgehog. You can see more pics of these over in my Folksy Shop

 Can you see the hedgehog under the windowledge? 

This is one of my garden visitors, not the best of photographs but I didn't want to disturb him/her too much, I have 3 that visit each night for a drink and a munch on cat food.

With all that's going on in the world I'm trying to keep myself busy and my mind occupied. I hope you are all doing well, Stay safe and take care.

 Jan xx