Wednesday 24 May 2023


Rainbows always make me smile, so many styles, so many colours. They don't have to be the traditional 7 colours, you can have any colour you want. Here are a few from my Zazzle Store, Jan's Cabin



Rainbow Clock

Pet Sympathy Card

Rainbow Collection

Baby Body Suit

All these designs can be transferred to many other items and can be personalized with your own name, number etc Click on the blue links to take you to the items or go direct to my store by following this link - My Zazzle Store





Tuesday 14 March 2023

Under the Sea Designs

These underwater cute little creatures can transferred onto a multitude of items, the cards can be bought in a selection of sizes or can be downloaded.


Best Friends Narwhal Card 


Dolphins Love Card



Narwhal Cute Card



                              Personalized Birthday Card


All these and more can be found over on

        Cards can be personalized with your own wording, Name and Age can be changed.



Wednesday 15 February 2023

Chic Monogram Phone Case & matching Compact

Everyone loves a unique phone case, one that is personal to you, this Monogrammed and Initialed case is ideal.

Phone Case



This design can be transferred onto different phone makes or onto any other item on Zazzle


This case comes in different colourways and can be personalised with your own name and initial.

How about a matching Compact, this can also be personalised to what you need. 


 Make Up mirror Compact




Click on the blue links to take you to Zazzle or click on my shop tab above.

Thank you 




Wednesday 11 May 2022

Brighten your Bathroom with Zazzle

Bathrooms don't need to be plain and boring, I have a selection of Shower Curtains and matching Bathmats and Towel Sets.

Some of my favorites are the bright coloured Wave Design, the Ombre Stripe, Pretty Stars or even Stripes with your Team or School colours, here are just a few examples, if you want to see more just click on the links below the pictures or click on the Zazzle Tab above

Wavey Stripe Modern Shower Curtain
Pink Wave Shower Curtain

A Pretty Bright Pink or a Bold and some may say Masculine shades of Black and Grey.

Black Wavey Stripe Modern Shower Curtain
Black & Grey Shower Curtain

Wavey Stripe Modern Shower Curtain
Beautiful in Blue Bathroom Curtain


Lime Green ombre stripe Bathroom Towel Set
Lime & Yellow Towel Set


Vibrant Colours in Shower Curtains, Mats and Towel Sets.





Blue & Orange contemporary stripe Towel Set
Towels with Stripe



A great set of towels in your favorite sports teams or school colours. 


Other colours available are below.


All these can be found in my Zazzle Store called Jan's Cabin 

Jan x 



Tuesday 8 February 2022

Sloths on Zazzle

This Zazzle  showcase ia all about Sloths, everyone I know loves the Sloth, in My Store you can transfer the designs onto any item, here is a bit of a taster.... just like on the written link to see more details.            

Sleeping Sloth iPhone XRSlim Fit Case, Glossy iPho iPhone Case
  Sloth Phone Case


Sloth with Wine All-Over Print Apron, Medium Apron

Sloth & Music Folded Greeting Card
Greeting Card


 Jan's Cabin

Monday 17 January 2022

Cute Axolotl Gift items

Due to the lack of Craft Fairs over the last couple of years I've turning my attention to putting my designs on a PoD site. What is a PoD Site? Print on Demand is when you can get any of my designs printed on a multitude of items from soft furnishings, mugs, cards and invitations. A lot of the designs can be personalised with a name or your own text. The site I'm using at the moment is You can check out my store by clicking on the link or on the Zazzle Shop Page above or in the side bar. 


Here is one of my favorite Axolotl items, this cute mug comes with a design on one side and text on the other side. You can keep the text as it is or change it to a name or remove it altogether. 

Axolotl Snax'olotl fun cute Mug
Axolotl Mug


Full design on both sides of the mug.

You can go straight to this Snax'olotl Axolotl Mug by following this link... Axolotl Mug
Thank you for looking 
Jan @ Jan's Cabin

Tuesday 16 February 2021

Peg Dolls for NHS Staff

Gosh, we're into the second month of a new year, I wonder what 2021 will bring?

2020 was a challenge, lots of ups and downs and we've seen the best of many people, I, like many others have had to stay connected by the use of  phones, computers and the post.  Hearing a friendly, familiar voice on the phone, or reading a message from someone I care about has been wonderful but I've missed hugs from my close family and friends. 

I thought the lockdown during this global pandemic would give me plenty of time for lots of crafting but because of personal worry and stress I've not been very busy with my making and painting except for a few commissions and thank you gifts.

Three of my thank-you makes were personalised NHS Peg Dolls with different uniforms and hair colours,

Peg Dolls for NHS Staff

I loved making these, the fact that they are so personal and different makes them special. 

At this time of uncertainty continue to stay safe and maintain the recommended practices that keep you healthy. Take care, stay safe.

Jan x