Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Mermaids swimming under the sea

We've been having lovely summer sunny weather which has made me think of the sea, this in turn made me think of pretty mermaids swimming underwater enjoying the freedom of the sea...

Mermaids under the Sea

Mermaid with Blue Tail and Golden Hair

Green Tailed Blond Haired Mermaid

Mermaids underwater

I popped these into my Folksy Shop (Handcrafted by Picto) 

I hope you have kind weather where you are, I'm off out to enjoy some more of that lovely sunshine and maybe I'll get to see a real Mermaid sitting on the rocks x

Jan x


Wednesday, 18 April 2018

My New Venture on Zazzle

I've just started a new venture on Zazzle, for those who don't know, Zazzle is a POD Print on Demand site, launched in 2005 and based in Redwood City, California, USA
Zazzle is a leading platform for custom products and enables anyone, whether a professional artist or designer or a complete novice to create a personalised product or choose one of the many ready designed items.

I have sketchbooks galore and albums of photographs so decided to put them to good use and Zazzle has given me the opportunity to do this. I've only just started and still working my way around the site, the products (there's hundreds of them) and the tools to help with designing and personalising.

One of the things I've done is used designs from my plaques and put them on mugs, this is one of the designs I chose to use, you can personalise it with your own name or wording (as long as it fits)

This is how the mug looks, I hope you like it, you can click on the link to take you to the product where you can see other views and where you can customise it.

You can also Click here for  My Zazzle Store
or check out  The Zazzle Homepage is Here

This is my first Zazzle post so I'm keeping it short also there are some UK based POD companies that I'm planning to join but I'll come to them in another post.

That's all from me for now

Jan x

Friday, 16 March 2018

Afternoon Tea with Folksy Friday

I sat in front of the computer and thought "what shall I do for today's Folksy Friday Post",  there are so many lovely things to choose from sometimes it's difficult to come up with a theme. While pondering this dilemma I popped into the kitchen to make myself a cuppa and maybe add a biscuit or two... naughty I know. Then it hit me... tea, no the tea didn't hit me, the idea did! afternoon tea would be my theme.

First I need tea

 a selection of teas from

or should I have coffee, with or without sugar?

choose your label from

then a nice big mug to put it in

a great choice of mug from

Should I have a Jammy Dodger

Choose your favorite biscuit to wear from

or should I have cake

there are no calories in this pincushion cake by

What would you have?

While you enjoy your cuppa why not pop over to Folksy, a great UK online market place

Jan x 

Monday, 12 March 2018

A walk down the Woodland Pathway

Are you a fan of woodland pathways? I am, I love going for walks through the forest or around the Country Parks local to me, there is always lots to see.

Beautiful pathways
Hanging Catkins

 Strange mosses

 and pretty flowers

Surrounded by all this loveliness and having inspiration on the doorstop makes painting that bit easier.

Here are 2 of my latest canvases influenced by my walks.

 These are both acrylic paintings on 8 x8 inch box canvas

My work can be found in my online shops (links in side bar) or you can message me via any of my outlets.

Wishing you lots of happy woodland walks.

Jan x

How to put a LARGE clickable picture on the Folksy Forum

Folksy is an online marketplace for British designers and makers, it has it's own Forum where you can chat and showcase your items, here is a quick guide to how I put a picture onto the Forum, and like anything else... it's easy when you know how.

Doing a small thumbnail of an item is easy peasy, you just go to the item you want to show and copy the url at the top of the page, then go to the forum and past the url into the REPLY box, this gives a small thumbnail of the item you want to showcase.

If you want to show a larger image on that will take you direct to the image in your shop, there's a little bit more you have to do.
I've done a few screenshots of me putting a picture on, I hope this will make it easier to follow.

I find it easier to have two tabs open, one of my shop and the other of the forum page.

On the forum go to the Reply Box and click on the 'upload icon' (the line with an up arrow)

 A new box will open, choose 'From the Web' and click on 'Show More' this will give you 2 boxes. 

Go to the image you want to show and right click 'Copy Image Location' and paste it into the top box.

 Next copy your image url and paste it into the bottom box.

Click on the 'Upload' button and hey presto your image is on the forum post, press 'Reply' and you're done.
It's a clickable pic and it will take you directly to the image in your shop.

You can use this same process if you want to show a picture from elsewhere on the web, for example, a blog or twitter etc.

I hope this has been helpful to you.

Jan x 

Friday, 23 February 2018

The Galaxy, Stars & Moon, Space Theme on Folksy

The Galaxy, the Stars, the Moon and all up above is my theme for this weeks Folksy Friday Showcase. There are so many great things on Folksy it was hard to choose but I narrowed it down to these beauties...

You can visit the individual shops by following the links under each picture.

Pretty Stud Earrings from Karen at

Who wouldn't love this Quirky Birthday Card from

Adorn your wall with a printed poster of Saturn from a papercut from

A Lampshade, it's glow in the dark stars will suit any room

This Moon Girl Necklace by the Wonderful

My own contribution for my Space & Galaxy Theme are these Handpainted Wooden Hearts

and a Mini Desk Canvas from 


I hope you've enjoyed seeing this weeks Folksy Showcase, there's lots more to see by visiting Folksy.com

Jan 🌟

Friday, 9 February 2018

Winter Sports for Folksy Friday

Today is the opening of the Winter Olympics 2018 in Pyeongchang County, South Korea
so in celebration of this event I've chosen to showcase a few Winter Sports related items from Folksy.com the online marketplace

A brilliant painting of Snow, Sky and Snowboarders
We can't have Winter Sports without an Ice Skate Suncatcher
and we certainly can't have Ice Skating without a couple of Bunny's showing off their talent on these gift tags
These hot water bottle covers are a great way to keep snuggled and warm
A Stylish Cowl is a must for Winter Sportswear
I hope you enjoy watching the Winter Olympics while having a nosy at the great shops on Folksy.

Jan x