Monday, 20 June 2011

thank you

I only have a small contribution to Handmade Monday this week and not only do I want to thank Wendy for hosting this weekly blog hop........
I would also like to say a big thank you to Helen of  Raindrops 'n' Roses and Caroline at Redneedle Sewing for choosing me as a recipient for a 'Versatile Blogger Award' 

It's lovely to get an award for something I enjoy doing and as part of accepting this Award I have to.........

  • Make a post linking back to the person who gave you the award.... done.
  • Share seven random things about yourself..... read on.
  • Award seven recently discovered bloggers with this award and contact them to let them know they have won..... done, read on.

So as part of receiving this Award the 7  random things about myself are...........

  1. I love laying on my back watching the clouds pass by.
  2. I am a complete chocaholic, I would eat it for breakfast every day if it didn't make me fat(ter).
  3. I adore walking bare foot on wet sand.
  4. I love books, one of my favourites is 'Good Faeries, Bad Faeries' by Brian Froud.
  5. I like my sandwiches cut into triangles.
  6. I gave up smoking 10 months ago and occasionally still feel the urge, (I'm not going to have one though)
  7. I love watching thunder storms from the comfort of my own home. (If I was braver I would be a storm chaser).

and my choice for the 7 other blogs to be given the award to are........... 

Craft and Other Activities because Nancy always gives so much of her time for helping others.

Bits and Blobs  Amy and her wonderful creatures always make me smile.

Kazies Magical Designs .... Karens Encaustic Art is so beautiful.

Little Harriet because I find her blog is always an interesting and uplifting read.

Mad Brilliant Ideas  because Katie. I'm such a sucker for a picture of a beautiful baby.

Martha After Hours because I love her Tudor Tea Lights and Frogs.

The Crafty Bear .... Mel is working hard towards getting her certificate.

Hope you check in on them all.

......and now for my small contribution to Handmade Monday 21 

I've completed my 'sock horses' and now have a stable full.

The first four

and the rest........ all completed
I hope you like them, now I'm off to check out the other great blogs.
Kind Regards

Jan x


  1. I love the horse socks they are amazing i love the fluffy socks they are the cosiest socks ever so they must be so soft to hug
    Thank you for mentioning my blog I am overwhelmed that you chose me over so many amazing blogs on here thank you very much I shall have to think about what blogs I like best now and there are so many to choose from xxx

  2. These are lovely well done. I've put up the tutorial for sock elephants this week - hope it makes sense!

  3. the horses are lovely! They look so cute and cuddly! x

  4. The horses are gorgeous Jan, so cute!
    Thanks for sharing the seven things about you :)

  5. They're just beautiful.I love the purple stripey one best!

  6. I just love the sock horses, they are sure to fly off your stall. Enjoyed reading your 7 things.

  7. Oh thank you very much for awarding me with such a lovely Blogger award.
    I'll edit my last note in a moment to share it with others on my blog :) Thank you again, for noticing me!

    As for the random thanks, i love all your points. in particular i love 3, 4 and 7!
    oh, and well done for giving up your smoking! keep up the good work. you have come so far!

    the horsies are dead cute! my favourite is the blue one with strawberries! sweeeeet!

  8. Superb sock horses... they each seem to have a character. Congrats on the award, isn't it lovely to receive one when you least expect it?

  9. You have some beautiful things on here and I adore your sock horses - they are very cute.


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