Sunday, 27 November 2011

Yay.....It's nearly December.

I've been busy busy busy. My Folksy Shop  done really well last week. It seemed to be stagnant for a while but has now picked up lovely. I also had some brilliant news from Pickle-lily, I'm the winner of her great givaway of wool, fabric, a great spotty bag, a magazine and oooh a box of choccies. So a big thank you to both of you, it's a great prize and I'm going to do a separate post about this so keep checking back. 

I spent Friday afternoon at a lovely Craft Fayre at a small village school just outside Newmarket, it was really well attended and I'd forgotten just how loud a primary school full of excited children can be. 
I was hoping to get around all the other stalls but I was on my own and those who do Craft Fairs know how difficult that can be, and as it was so busy I didn't get a chance to get around everyone, but I did manage to have a nosey at a wonderful felter who made lovely scarfs, hats and Christmas Decorations as well as lots of other great items, you can check out her shop EntWorks on Etsy.

Mini Snowman Decoration by Ent-Works

I also had a look at the work of The Tiny Scribbler, a brilliant artist, who can be found HERE on Etsy. 

The Squirrel Lady by The Tiny Scribbler
 I have another busy week ahead, but hey, I'm not complaining, I have Plaques to paint, Monkeys to make and a bit more sewing to do, I'll leave you with a few of the childrens tote and drawstring bags I made as my contribution for this weeks Handmade Monday 

Wishing you all a good week, I'm off now to try and get my orders completed before my next Fair which is next Saturday 3rd December (yes it is nearly December) at The Carnegie Rooms and Guildhall in Thetford, Norfolk.

Take care every one

Jan x

Monday, 21 November 2011

Chalkboards & Fairy Doors

It's been a week for Chalkboards and Fairy Doors, the chalkboards always do well at this time of year, you can check out more of them on my facebook page here.
These small Fairy Doors in bright colours have been a big hit and as they are only 'pocket money prices' they do really well with the children at fairs, they can be placed anywhere in the home, they can be placed on a book shelf or toy shelf, they also look good sat above a door or down on a skirting board, although in most childrens rooms you can't see the skirting board for toys.

Small Fairy Doors
Medium Sized Fairy Doors
These Medium Sized Fairy Doors are approximately 4 x 4 inches but because they are cut individually they can vary in size.

Tonight I'm going to have a nosey at some of the other blogs linked to Wendy's Handmade Monday then it's out with the sewing machine for me, I need to finish a few bags I'm doing for a school craft fair at the end of the week, photo's to follow.
OOohhhh, my wonderful hubby has just brought me a lovely cup of tea and a dish of turkish delight. MMmmmm

I wish you all a good week

Jan x

Monday, 14 November 2011

House Rules

Just a quick one today, I've been away for a few days, spending time with some of my family, and what a lovely time I've had. Before I went one of my regular customers asked if I could do a 'House Rules' list. She decided  what she wanted written on the list and she wanted it in a frame, therefore having the option of of it either standing on a shelf or hanging on the wall.

House Rules

I'm going to do a few more of these with different wording and a variety of themes and I will try them out at my Craft Fairs, I was thinking of a Circus theme, a Jungle theme and maybe a Boating Seaside theme and what about a Daisy, Toadstool, Butterfly type theme, what theme would you like to see? and what would you have as your main House Rule?

I'm going to pop my link over at  Wendy's blog as part of her Handmade Monday Linky Thingy Wotsit, I hope you can join me, it's a great way of checking out lots of other great blogs. 

Take care

Jan x

Monday, 7 November 2011

Handmade Monday

Hello to you all and welcome to my little corner, it's Handmade Monday once again and I hope you will follow the link and have a peep at what some other bloggers have been up to, I hope you can leave a few comments too.
Last week I had a lovely email from someone who wanted their favourite 'Grandparent' saying put onto one of my plaques, the remit was quite precise and this is the finished plaque, it is my normal size of 7" x 31/2". I wasn't too sure if it would look a bit too cramped but I was pleased with how it turned out. 

A favourite saying from a loving Grandchild


Dad's Office Plaque

 I was also recently asked to do an exterior plaque for  'Dad's Office', the picture of the glass of wine and book was chosen by my customer and is now attached to the door of a cabin in a garden in France. I imagine dad sitting in a comfortable chair, sipping his glass of vino while reading his favourite book.

It's going to be really busy time for me this week, I'm not complaining though, it's great to be busy, I've got a few Craft Fairs booked for the run up to a big event that's happening soon, oh what's it called?, I know it begins with the letter C, I think it might be..... Christmas. I need to replenish some of my stock, that's always a good reason to be busy, I have paintings to finish, orders to complete and a few days off to spend a bit of time with my wonderful Mumsy.


I hope you all have a good week and I'll leave you with a picture of my latest sock monkey who has found a new home.

Take care all

Jan x