Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Sock Pouch for my hard drive

Now we all know the importance of backing up our work on the computer, most of us have a huge amount of admin related folders and lots and lots of photographs, well I've been a bit lax in that area for a while because the external hard drive I was using was filled to capacity. It is old and large and doesn't hold nearly as much as I'd like it to so I bought myself a new one. 
This one is is a lot smaller but holds lots, a bit like a tardis, small on the outside but huge on the inside.

My back up hard drive

I don't want it getting all scratched up so thought I'd make a little pouch for it. I decided to make it from a sock.

A cute teddy bear design

A while back I bought a few pairs of these socks intending to make some Sock Monkeys but that turned out to be a bad idea, why? because not only would the cute little bear design have been upside down but it would of been right where the arms needed to be sewn on, so these socks have been hanging about for while. I've seen lots of phone socks on line so thought I'd give this a go. 

I chose to give my pouch a lining, for two reasons, 1. to hide and neaten up the loose threads left by the design weave and 2. to stop the finished pouch from stretching too much. I also threaded a ribbon through the top so I could pull it closed. 

My finished pouch
This isn't a tutorial so I haven't got any 'how to' or 'how I done this' photo's, I think it's pretty self explanatory but if you have any questions go ahead and ask.

I need a new pouch for my small digital camera, oh and my phone could do with a pouch too. I think I'll be making a few more of these. 

Jan x

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snow, Votes & a 100th Birthday Celebration

I hope you've all had a great week, it's been lovely seeing all the brilliant snowy pictures on blogs and on Facebook, it makes everything look so picturesque. I hope you don't mind another one.

My snowy view

 It's been great to see so many people enjoying themselves, lots of snowmen being built, children making snow angels on the ground, although I think I'll pass on that one, the days of me laying in the snow waving my arms up and down are well and truly over.
I know it has also been a difficult time for some, the children may love having days off school but some working parents have found it hard to juggle their time.
On a more serious note, don't forget those people that have not been able to get out and about, if you have an elderly or unwell neighbour who finds it hard cope in this weather, please check up on them.

This week I want ask you to take a few minutes to pop over to The Crafty Network Blog and check out the Linda's post about finding the overall winner of the all the winners and runners up of last years challenges.

The Crafty Network Challenge

 It would be great if you would vote and it would be doubly wonderful if you could send a vote or two my way (the chance to have a spend in Hobbycraft would be brilliant). There are a few different ways to vote, you can do it over on the The Blog,  on The Crafty Network facebook page  (either on the page or by private message) or you can email Linda on thecraftynetwork@gmail.com. There are so many great entries (and some of them you will know and recognise) that I don't even mind if you vote for someone else.

And lastly, but certainly not least, I would like to send my best wishes to Wendy over at Handmade Harbour for hosting a whopping great 100 Handmade Monday's. It's been a pleasure to join in with this lovely and friendly linky party almost every week and Wendy's blog has lots more to offer, from great interviews and tutorials to practical advice and friendly tips on how to make your craft business a success. So don't forget to pop over and say hello.

No new makes to show you from me this week but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy, I'll have photo's ready for you to see next week but I'll leave you with a couple of pictures I took this afternoon....

Long Tail Tits

Feeding the birds, big, small & in between

 I hope you all have a great week

Take care & keep warm

Jan X

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

How to find your Spam Folder on Facebook

I have seen a few posts on Facebook recently asking the same thing....

How do I find my spam folder?

Facebook, in it's wisdom, decides what posts are 'spam' and what's not, their idea of spam may not be the same as yours. You may be missing out on posts, comments or likes because of this so you need to check your spam folder. Do you know where it is?
It's one of those things that's frustrating if you don't know but so easy when you do know.
So for those of you who have a facebook business page and don't know the answer, here it is -

1Go to your Facebook Business Page and open your Admin panel.
Click on Edit Page, (top right)  then select “Use Activity Log” from the dropdown menu 

2.   On the top right hand side you will see 'Posts and Aps' (or it may say 'All'), click on this and it will show you a dropdown menu, select “Spam”

3.   This will show you your Spam Folder, if you find posts that you don't want hidden then click on the little circle at the right of the post and you can choose to 'Unmark as spam' I check mine on a regular basis so I don't have any spam in my folder.

See, it's easy peasy when you know how........

I hope this helps

Jan x

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Lovebirds & Hearts for Valentines

It's time for another post to be linked to Handmade Harbour. I love Handmade Monday, not only is it great to look at what everyone else has been up to, it is also good to know that I'm getting regular visitors to my little corner of the blogasphere. (Thank you Wendy)

Like a lot of crafters I have been making Valentines Day gifts this week. This little trio has been keeping me busy.

A Trio for your Valentine
A Bluebird on a stick
A Heart on a Stick


Cute Little Pink Birdie


A Valentines Day Gift


A Pair of Lovebirds & a Heart


I decided to attach these cute birds and hearts to wooden sticks instead of hanging them from a ribbon (although I will add a hanging ribbon for anyone who requests it). They can be displayed on their own in a jar or vase or put in with dried or silk flowers.

They are in my Facebook album and I've put a set in my Folksy shop, I like these and I'm planning to them in a rainbow of colours. I will stitch a couple of initials onto the Heart too for anyone who wants them.

Have a great week

Jan x

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Valentine Sock Monkeys

Following on from my previous post I have some finished Sock Monkeys. Do you like the Heart on a Stick each one is holding?

Fluffy Sock Monkey

Purple Sock Monkey for a Valentine

Cheeky Sock Monkey with a Heart

A Trio of Sock Monkeys

These will be going in my Folksy shop and on my Facebook page, I've got a few kittens on the go as well but they are not ready to have there photo's taken yet so keep checking back.

Jan X

Monday, 7 January 2013

The 1st Handmade Monday of 2013

Hello all, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and your New Year celebrations were all you wanted them to be. But now it's all over, the Christmas tree has been taken down and the decorations have been put back in their boxes for another year, along with the tinsel and sparkle. 

Christmas in a box

 I don't know about you but I miss the twinkling lights in the tree. 

Twinkling Lights

I do however, have a couple of sets of fairy lights that twinkle around the house all year round. 

Are you rearing to get back to doing what you do best or have you misplaced your motivation? It can sometimes be difficult to get back into the swing of things after having a break from the usual routine especially if you've been affected by the horrid virus that's been around lately. I was lucky that I escaped the bugs but a few family members were not so lucky. (although they are all fine now).

I must admit that I could quite easily have taken a couple more days of laziness but I have a couple of commissions to complete and I've also got an Art Exhibition to prepare for. The exhibition is not until the summer but I know from past experience that it's not a good idea to leave these things till the eleventh hour. 
In between painting I've started sewing a few sock animals (not yet finished)

Fluffy socks

and felt hearts that will be used with them.

Felt Hearts ready to sew
Have a great week everyone, I'm popping over to Handmade Harbour for the first Handmade Monday Linky Party of 2013, why not join me?

Jan X

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and are looking forward to a 2013 filled with good things. 

I wish you all a healthy, peaceful, happy and creative

 Image provided by JaneVision @ Deviantart

Jan X