Monday, 1 August 2011

Jungle Themed Plaque

Good day to you all and Hello to any new visitors to my little corner of the blogasphere. 
It's a wonderful sunny day here in Suffolk and I will be spending some of it in the garden taking photographs of my finished plaques and paintings. 
I'll also be scribbling away at some sketches for a couple of  new paintings I'm hoping to start in the next week or so.

Here is one of my jungle themed plaques I was asked to do for a birthday gift.

There are lots more designs for Plaques in my Face Book Albums

This week also found me having a great day out in Wells-next-to-the-Sea. It's a great place for fish and chips on the beach and an ice-cream for afters.

I'm off to check out the other great bloggers who take part in Handmade Monday
I hope you can join me.

Bye for now

Jan x


  1. A lovely jungle plaque - and oh! for fish and chips on the beach. Sigh.

  2. I take it Freddie is a cheeky little monkey! Love the pics of the boats resting on the shore, taunting the waves... maybe I could take a walk down to the old town later this afternoon?

  3. Love the plaque Jan.
    And the picture of Wells looks lovely. Desperate for a Norfolk/Suffolk coast fix will have to rememdy that one soon!

  4. I like that plaque. I wish I could paint things that looked like things like you do. That is just adorable. And you mentioned fish and chips. I am thinking I want to come up with a wheat free recipe. I guess that might sound a little like heresy, but I remember eating them years ago, and now that I can't have wheat...well, you know. :(

  5. ooh, I really fancy a trip to the seaside now....and fish and chips! Lovely jungle plaque too x

  6. Your work just keeps getting better and better! Really want fish & chips now (and cake after reading another blog...) Dammit!!

    Ali x

  7. beautiful writing on your plaque and it looks like you had a beautiful day by the sea tooo xx

  8. Hiya Jan
    Hope you received a post about winning the Try and Review a product? Pop over to Bath Bomb Creations and check the post... Don't forget to subscribe (sorry if you have) as lots more to come and you'll know when your reveiw is posted online as it'll arrive in your inbox.

  9. lovely pictures - wish I was sitting by the harbour. 31 degrees in the office and no air con, ouch

  10. Love love love the plaque. Great work.
    Wells is a place i have never visited, i really must one day

  11. I haven't been to Norfolk for years - but you've made me want to return soon! Fish & chips here in the Midlands is mostly awful.
    Love the plaque too - wish I had more time to work on my painting...
    Jenny x

  12. Love the letters on plaque :)
    Great pictures, wouldn't mind being by the sea right now.

  13. Lovely pictures and a lovely plaque. Thank-you for your comments on my blog! I was a Cub Scout Leader for over 20 years as well - but this was even worse than some of the camps I've come back from!
    Jo x


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