Tuesday, 23 August 2011

My Day Out

I had a couple great outings last week with Pat, my husband and as usual on my outings I had my camera with me, I'm no 'photographer' but enjoy taking 'snaps' and 'pics'. I just use a small digital, but my, aren't they good these days? Small enough to pop in my bag, no weight involved and easy to download straight onto the 'puter. 
We set off nice and early and went to The Ace Cafe London

A small selection of the bikes that arrived

It was just over an hours ride away and the roads were clear, most of the traffic was behaving itself and it was a very pleasant ride. By the time we arrived we had built up a bit of an appetite and I had what must have been the biggest 'full cholesterol' breakfast I've ever had, but mmmm I did enjoy it, (even though I couldn't finish it).

There was a great atmosphere and it was very friendly and great fun. As for the bikes there was a huge selection of Classic Vintage, Sports and Cruisers.

We then rode on to High Beach in Epping Forest. It's a great ride and we stopped off at a tea hut where a lot of bikers meet up.

High Beach Tea Hut
Pat's Pride and Joy

We then took to the road again and came across a lovely little pub, 'The Harlow Mill', a lovely place to stop for a snack and the perfect cup of coffee.

The Harlow Mill
The Lock behind the Mill

Beautiful Houseboats on the River Stort, just behind 'The Harlow Mill'

We came across this lovely Sculpture by  Anthony Lysycia at the side of the Lock.
The Sculpture Trail looks interesting and it's something I may follow up.

All in all we had a brilliant time.

I'm hoping the weather stays well as we are planning a few more trips before the summer is over. 

Take care everyone

Jan x

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