Thursday, 28 July 2011

E is for......

Continuing with my alphabet theme, I am now up to the letter E
FirstlyI thought of doing 'E is for Events' but decided that there is a far better blog post about this subject than I could ever write. This one, 'Being an Exhibitor' written by Former Glory Seat Weaving is split into 4 episodes and well worth reading, so pop over and have a look and a read of   Episode 1   2   3   and 4
I could of written something on Equality, Ecology or Evolution but I think my brain cell is either sleeping, has gone on strike or my husband has borrowed it. I had it yesterday Evening but it was missing when I woke up this morning.

So instead, I'm going to wonder around my computer and see what I come up with.

How about some Emerald Isle Earrings handmade from 'The Endless Knot' on  Folksy

or check out her Blog HERE

Or a lovely Enamelled Egg Pendant from The Magpies Daughter on  FOLKSY 
or you can see some of her lovely items on her BLOG

The next thing that came to my cell-less mind was E is for Elephant.
Did you know that in India and other Asian countries the Elephant is considered to be lucky? It is a symbol of power and intelligence.
It is also a Religious Symbol in the Hindu Faith. Among the Buddhists it is said that Lord Buddha’s mother dreamt of a White Elephant at the time of her conception and the White Elephant is said to symbolise the Divinity of Lord Buddha. 
There are many stories and myths about the Elephant, you can read more about them  Here


These are some Elephants I found around my house and garden

 and to finish off...
Some more Elephants for your garden...........

 .........these are quite impressive aren't they? but a bit big for my little patch.

That's all for now.....

Jan x


  1. Hahaha I love it I wake up without a brain very often to. Only thing is I don't have anyone to blame it on lol.

    Love elephants I have a good collection of them from ATC trades.

  2. Uhooi,,
    Wow I like this form of elephant grass is very nice and sweet,,

  3. I love those Emerald Isle ear rings-what a fabulous colour.The elephants are cute!


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