Sunday, 7 August 2011

F is for Fairy

It doesn't matter to me how it is spelt it all means the same, whether it be fairy, faery, faerie or any other spelling, to me it's magical, enchanting and charming. 

Did you know that the word 'faery' originally derived from the Latin 'fatum' or 'fata' meaning Destiny, Enchantment and Fate? Fatum/Fata developed into fee (french) and the English fay or fae. Now this isn't me being clever, I gleened this information from one of my most favourite books, Good Faeries-Bad Faeries  by Brian Froud. 
As the title suggests Fairies are not always the sweet, gentle, helpful creatures we usually imagine, they can be mischievous, disruptive or even evil.
Other names we can use for the Faery Folk are sylph, spirit, elemental and pixie.  Brownie, elf, sprite and nymph. Gnome, goblin, gremlin. Siren, imp and leprechaun, these are just a few that can be used for the different classifications of Faries. We have the Fairy Godmother the Tooth Fairy and even Fairy Rings.

I often paint Fairies in my artwork, not in the same class as Mr Froud but I get great pleasure from doing these paintings.

Autumn               &               Springtime

Summer                      &                      Winter

Some of my commissioned Plaques

 I love Wooden Fairy Doors too, they are the doorway to an Enchanted Kingdom.

Do you believe in Fairies?       I do and it's often been said that I am 'away with the Faeries'!
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I'm off now to play at the bottom of the garden, I'll be back soon with the letter G

Jan x


  1. I love fairies, I particularly like the painting you've done for autumn. The drawings on your plaques are beautiful too. x

  2. Love the unicorn... he looks really mischievious!

  3. wow, this post is truly magical! love the colours, love the fairies, well done! seasonal fairies are a great idea! worth framing.

  4. Lovely fairies and interesting background info too.

  5. Beautiful workmanship - what else can I really add!
    Jo x

  6. I believe in fairies :) i love the pictures. And i love your fairy doors on the other post too.

  7. That was very informative! Loved it! We just watched a cute movie called Spiderwick Chronicles, don't know if you saw it or not. It was a kid's movie, but was quite fun! I love your plaques and artwork, they are awesome.

  8. oh WOW! you know my weakness is fairies you naughty girl, LOL!
    I love the fairy on the toadstool.
    Brilliant work darl. xxx

  9. Thanks for the information and sharing your lovely plaques. Lttle girls and fairies, it's a given isn't it?

  10. Jan I have the Faeries Oracle Card Deck by Froud - they were not really my choice but my brother loved them and after he died I bought some for myself - I ought to get them out and use them
    Chris x
    Ps still look for fairies at the bottom of my garden :-)x

  11. Yes of course fairies exist! Didn't we call our daughter Faye in honour. Never was a child so apptly named, as airy fairy she most definitely is. Thank you for your kind wishes on our Anniversary. Hugs Mrs A.

  12. Mrs A... You comment reminds me of......

    UP the airy mountain,
    Down the rushy glen,
    We daren't go a-hunting
    For fear of little men;
    Wee folk, good folk,
    Trooping all together;
    Green jacket, red cap,
    And white owl's feather!

    This poem has 6? verses, I learned this one as a child.

    Jan x

  13. You would have loved my daughter's latest birthday party - It was a fairy and Elf party, very magical!


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