Sunday, 14 August 2011

Handmade Monday 29

This week I've been busy doing my wood preparation. I tend to saw, drill and sand the wood in large batches ready for my plaques, bunting and other bits and bobs. If anyone requests an item of a different size than I usually do then I will do that as I need it. 

A few days ago I had such a request from a repeat customer, she wanted a Plaque larger than I normally do, to hang in the kitchen of her new house. My Plaques are normally 31/2" x 7" but this one is 5" x 10" and I've used a chunkier wood. I'm pleased at how well it turned out.

A Kitchen Plaque

This is one of the nice things about individual handmade items, as I'm sure you will all agree, they can be done to suit the customers wishes.

I also had a commission for a Plaque for 'Grandpa's Shed'. The customer wants the Plaque to hang outdoors and asked if it could have a bee painted on it. I emailed across a selection of designs and the customer chose this cute 'ickle Bee and Daisy. The Plaque is finished with an exterior varnish and florists wire instead of ribbon.

A Plaque for Outdoors

Before I go I'd like to say a big Thank You to three lovely bloggers, firstly I'd like to thank

Linda does a great job of showcasing wonderful selections of  items from the Folksy shops.

My next thank you is to Anita at Bath Bomb Creations

She sent me a gift bag of her Lavender & Ylang Bath Bombs to 'Try & Review' and I must sat it was very favourable.
Anita often offers freebies to her blog subscribers in exchange for a review, it was done as a simple question and answer format. I never would of thought of buying this type of gift before but I have completely changed my mind. All reasonably priced too so...........
.........Thank you Anita.

Lavender & Ylang Bath Bomb Cubes

 Lastly but certainly not least I would like to thank Wendy who does a brilliant job of hosting Handmade Monday so why not pop over and check out what all the other talented bloggers have been up to this week. If you don't know what Handmade Monday is then follow the link and all will all be explained.

Jan x


  1. 2 lovely plaques :) I like the lettering style :)

  2. I love your plaques they are gorgeous. The bee and flower is really cute but I do love the kitchen plaque.

  3. I love that first plaque with the coffees on - beautifully done.

    Nice to be included in your mentions too - thank you xx

  4. Thank you for giving us a little insight into how you work. I love the plaques, especially the coffee one, nice to give someone exactly what they want

  5. I love your bespoke order and agree very satisfying when the buyer loves what you have done.

  6. The plaques are looking good. Have found you through Handmade Monday - I'm Jan too. :)

  7. Your plaques are fab, great idea for pressies.

    Thank you for trying to explain to me how handmade Monday works, sure I will get there one day.

    Lynda x

  8. I love the Plaques you do. Will have to take a peek see if you have any beach hut themed ones.
    Keep up the brilliant work darl xxx

  9. Really like both of those plaques. Absolutely lovely x

  10. The plaques are both lovely especially grandpa's shed and yes lovely to make to a customers specification, makes it all the more personal

  11. Love both these plaques. The outdoor one is a great idea - wonder who I can think of who needs one for a birthday or Christmas gift.

  12. Jan, I love the little bee plaque, that is adorable! How does it hold up with the varnish, outdoors? I have my little outside patio area now and I would love to make something for out there, but we get so much rain, I hate for it to get ruined!

  13. Your plaques are lovely - the lettering is lovely.
    Jo x

  14. Hello Jan! Thanks for visiting Planet Penny on my first time on Handmade Monday. It's great way to meet new people. I love your plaques, very fond of bees, but the cafe one has made me realise I need to get the coffee on. See you again, Penny

  15. Thanks so much for adding Bath Bomb Creations! Very kind of you!

    Posting the review over the weekend so if you have a plaque picture I can add with your review / blog link? Just email it to Helps traffic both ways, thanks again!

    lesley and anita


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