Sunday, 26 April 2015

A Bananamoo Door for Handmade Monday

As some of you may know, I have a shop on Etsy called Jan Ryan Art  and one evening while checking out and commenting on the forums, I received a message from a successful  Etsy seller asking if I could paint one of my Fairy Doors but make it in the style of her shop and include her shop logo, and it's such a cute logo.

Bananamoo Logo

Bananamoo is filled with yummy looking 'Non Edible' sweets, cakes and cookies. If you want Dolls House Sweeties then check out these polymer clay kisses...

Non Edible Sweeties

 This jumbo faux lollypop would make a great party decoration....

Party Prop Lollipop

or how about these cookies to use as photo props or they could be made into magnets or even hair slides....

Polymer Clay Cookies

These goodies were the inspiration for my hand painted Bananamoo Door. I do love the giant lollypops with the cherries on top. Where there's a cute cow there has to be a bottle of milk.

Bananamoo Door

I decided on pink for the door frame and matching window frame, it goes really well with the look of the shop and logo.

Kisses and Cookies Hand Painted Door

The wooden door could be fixed to a wall or can be free standing on a shelf or table.

Door commissioned by Bananamoo on Etsy

If you'd like to commission your own door just let me know via here or My Etsy Shop

To find more polymer clay food pop over to Bananamoo on Etsy

Jan x

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  1. What a great, fun commission to play with, and a great door you produced too, a great name and fun images must have made it enjoyable for you xx

  2. You certainly filled your brief with the door. It is super cute little moo cow, and what delicious looking foodie items.

  3. I love how you interpreted Bananamoo's commission. Your attention to detail is always spot on :)

  4. What a fun commission and you did such a wonderful job, i'm sure Bananamoo's owner is super happy :) xx

  5. Too CUTE!! :-D
    BTW, the blanket post is from early Feb. -- The "minus" signs are gone now... For the most part any way, during the DAY... Trying to forget the last few days. Suppose to be "spring" again THIS week..?

  6. Oh I love this door, what a brilliant idea. May have to get you to do one for me after the horsey plaque

  7. Adorable! I am a huge fan of your work. I love how the cookies and lollypops look like flowers. Xox

  8. What great fun, and such an exciting comission too.

  9. How cute! I love the door - off to check out your etsy shop now! xx

  10. Such a cute door, and the faux sweets and cookies look yummy! Creative Blessings, Tracy x

  11. The doors are so pretty and cute and look really good with the logo, what a lovely commission to do!

  12. That door is so lovely - I love the little touches like the milk bottle. Have a good weekend. x

  13. omg that is sooo awesome! so cute :) well done what a great job you have done and bet she loved it x


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