Sunday, 19 April 2015

Little Wooden Houses

I've been busy painting houses, no not real houses...
Little wooden houses....

The Washday House

The Washday House has pretty Lattice Windows and laundry on the washing line. The spotty top goes well with the jeans.
The Gardner's House

The Gardeners House has a Black Cat sitting in the window.
The Library

These Reading Rooms have books on the window sills and a lady sitting reading in the upstairs room.
The Blue House

 The Blue Roofed House complete with a white owl perched on a post in the garden.

The washday house also has a little hedgehog nestling 
among the flowers in the garden, can you see him?
Hand Painted Wooden Houses

The Orange Gardner's House has vases of flowers in the windows 
and a spade and fork in the garden.


 The reader sitting at the window is enjoying a mug of tea 
as well as her books.  
A Group of Wooden Houses

 The Blue House has the family name above the door 
and a lamp to light up the garden.


These little houses were a joy to paint, they have all been personalised especially for the customers needs and are painted on all sides.

If you would like to commission a little house just get in touch, all my links are in the side bar.

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Jan x


  1. Gorgeous houses - I had difficulty choosing my favourite, but I think the Library wins by a whisker! Have a great week. x

  2. Oh Jan these are beautiful, a mantlepiece with a few of these on would be perfect

  3. LOVE THEM! -- And one of these days, I'm going to have to get around to making a bunch of little Houses and/or Boats myself... Likely FOR myself!

  4. Aww they're all so cute! I especially love the owl, and also the idea of the reading house - i know a few book worms who would love something like that. In fact, they would all make lovely gifts :) x

  5. So lovely. I like all the intricate little details.

  6. Such beautifully intricate little houses, I hope their new neighbours adore them too.

  7. Love love love them! Absolutely beautiful!

  8. I love these! You're so talented!

  9. I love the little details you have put on them, I'm sure your customers will be delighted:)


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