Saturday, 25 April 2015

My Happy Friday Sketchbooks

Have you ever put something away in a 'safe place' never to find it again? 
I thought that happened to me and some of my sketch books, I couldn't find them and my worse fears were I had put them in a carrier bag and thrown them out in error, something I'd never do, my sketchbooks are precious and I often refer back to them and I'm always adding to them. I'd even taken photo's of the books and lots of the pages to keep as reference on the computer.
But this week....
I found them.

My Sketchbooks

 My books are important to me, I make notes, not just in writing but in paint, oil pastels and ink.

A selection of pages

 I jot down ideas, compile and compare colours. 

Colour Board

I play around with tissue paper, chalks and paint. I occasionally use a bit of gold leaf.

Playing with the colours

And a couple of Tree Frogs just because they are so cute.

Cute Tree Frogs

I hope you have enjoyed looking at some of my sketchbook pages. I'd love to know if you keep a sketchbook, diary or some sort of journal. 

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Jan x


  1. oh...yeah... "The *SAFE* PLACE"... One day, I think Quantum Physics will actually prove that IT's what lies on the OTHER Side of BLACK-HOLES!! -- And, that my House is the Universal Inter-Dimensional "PEGBOARD" of Them!! - In the end, it'd probably be quicker to hire a PSYCHIC to "find" ANYthing around HERE!!
    BTW, Congrats on "discovering" your LOST ART! - Love the Frogs!

    1. hahaha... that's a really great description of the said 'safe place' x

  2. Your art books are fascinating. I really like the one featuring the blocks of color. And your tree frogs are adorable :)

  3. Your sketchbooks are lovely - I can see why you would be upset at the thought of losing them. Your tree frogs are gorgeous! x

  4. It's a great feeling when you find something you think you've lost! Thanks for sharing some of your images - I really like the playing with colours page - would love to see more pages!

    1. Thank you, I was thinking of doing the occasional post showing them :)

  5. So glad you found your sketchbooks! I know how devastating it would be to have lost them forever! I find that looking through sketches you remember little things that you were doing or thinking at the time :)


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