Saturday, 18 April 2015

Planet Penny's Happy Friday....

Motorway service stations are not the best of places but occasionally we have to make a stop or two. This week hubby and I stopped for a break at a M6 service station. It was a lovely sunny day and we chose to sit in the sunshine beside a lake in a lovely picnic area......

The Geese are so used to people walking around they completely ignored me.

Even the Duck was happy to stay put while I took the photo's, I love the colours of the feathers in the sunlight.

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Have a great week

Jan x


  1. I think you must have found the most picturesque motorway service station ever! Lovely pictures :) x

  2. That's a vast improvement to any of the service stations I've visited! It shows you can find a happy moment in the most unlikely places! Thanks for joining in x


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