Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Sock Pouch for my hard drive

Now we all know the importance of backing up our work on the computer, most of us have a huge amount of admin related folders and lots and lots of photographs, well I've been a bit lax in that area for a while because the external hard drive I was using was filled to capacity. It is old and large and doesn't hold nearly as much as I'd like it to so I bought myself a new one. 
This one is is a lot smaller but holds lots, a bit like a tardis, small on the outside but huge on the inside.

My back up hard drive

I don't want it getting all scratched up so thought I'd make a little pouch for it. I decided to make it from a sock.

A cute teddy bear design

A while back I bought a few pairs of these socks intending to make some Sock Monkeys but that turned out to be a bad idea, why? because not only would the cute little bear design have been upside down but it would of been right where the arms needed to be sewn on, so these socks have been hanging about for while. I've seen lots of phone socks on line so thought I'd give this a go. 

I chose to give my pouch a lining, for two reasons, 1. to hide and neaten up the loose threads left by the design weave and 2. to stop the finished pouch from stretching too much. I also threaded a ribbon through the top so I could pull it closed. 

My finished pouch
This isn't a tutorial so I haven't got any 'how to' or 'how I done this' photo's, I think it's pretty self explanatory but if you have any questions go ahead and ask.

I need a new pouch for my small digital camera, oh and my phone could do with a pouch too. I think I'll be making a few more of these. 

Jan x


  1. Love it. And I have same problems here, photos take up a huge amount of space. X Joan

  2. This is so good and love the design on the socks, agree would not have looked good in an armpit. Backing up is so important and I would be lost without my time capsule, sadly too big to cover.

  3. wow how good an idea is that! I'm def going to make one for my phone. (as I don't have a hard drive but assume it will be the same principle.) thank you xx

  4. A simple but great idea! I love your photos - what did you use to get this effect please Jan? Happy 100th Jo x

    1. Hi Jo, I use a free photo editing software called photoscape, it's really simple to use, I've sent you an email with a link. x

  5. Worth buying and keeping the socks for! Love it!
    No the toothbrush is not in the bathroom - tempting though it is to use Hubby's!!! Tee Hee!


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