Sunday, 3 February 2013

Piggy Plaques & Birdie Notebooks

A new month and a new post for Handmade Monday  so don't forget to mosey on over and check out all the great blogs that take part.

Hands up who likes pigs? I do, I've done a few piggy plaques in the past that have proved popular so I was thinking of doing more.........

Piggy Plaque & Key Hooks
I was thinking of doing some of these as well......

Birdie Notebook Covers

Maybe I'll do a 'farmyard' of creatures. Do you have a favourite animal? or like me do you like them all and continually change your favourite depending on how you are feeling or what you are doing? 


I'm going to pop over to leave my link at Handmade Mondays Linky Party  but before I do I would like to say a big Thank you to Linda of The Crafty Network for organising the monthly Craft Challenge over on her blog. I had entered some of my items over the course of 2012 and was was entered into the end of year vote off and I'm very happy to say that I was placed 6th, which wasn't bad out of 53 choices. My prize was a voucher to spend in Hobbycraft so once again, thank you Linda. I'm also happy to see that one of the entries I voted for was placed, so well done Alison and Chester over at Fiddly Fingers.
Linda has started the 2013 challenges, you don't have to enter all of them, just enter as and when you want and the great thing is, it doesn't have to an item that you may sell, it is for people who craft for fun or for business so follow this link if you want to know more.... The Crafty Network Challenge 2013

Wishing you all a great week

Jan x  


  1. Well done for coming 6th. I've never looked at the Crafty Network, so am off to have a look.

  2. Congratulations! Love those notebooks - such cute little birdies!

  3. I love your friendly piggies. I do like pigs and think a farmyard range is a good idea.
    I have a few different favourite animals- usually the more unusual ones like manatees, slow loris, narwhal, tazmanian devils, platypus, capybara. Whales and sharks fascinate me too. I do also like most rodents though, and there's something about a hippo!

  4. Love your birdie notebook covers :)
    I love pigs too, and sheep, and cows, and goats, and..... I don't have a fixed favourite either

  5. Well done for getting all those votes over on the crafty network - well deserved!!

    I love your little pigs, they have such lovely cheery faces :) The birdie notebooks are so pretty too - i think its a great time of year to be doing birdie things as they are just starting to tweet away in the trees again aren't they - when the sun comes out anyway!

    I'm like you and i like lots of animals :) x

  6. Those pigs are fantastic. One of my favourite things I have seen on your blog.
    I haven't seen the Crafty Network either so will pop over there next to have a nosey. Very well done on coming 6th. I would be really proud of myself if I were you xxx


  7. Gorgeous piggy plaque, I love it - nice to see the drawings too. Ohhh well done on the Crafty Network, a very good result :-)

  8. Congratulations on your place. I like any animal if it is drawn in a way that makes them look full of character and happy - just as your do :)

  9. Those pigs are looking quite happy. Congratulations on coming 6th.

  10. I think your notebooks are wonderful. I like the fabric and colour choices. The birdy looks quite a happy chirpy one! I have a soft spot for sheep!
    Congratulations on doing so well on The Crafty Network. I shall have to take a look.
    Wendy x

  11. Me, me - i love pigs. I love your plaques too!

  12. I love your birdy notebooks, how gorgeous

  13. Love the piggy plaques and the cute birds. I love all animals and do not have a favourite as such but do think white geese or ducks look pretty good, have a great week and stay warm and safe x

  14. Lovely things as always! Especially like the birdy notebooks, really like the fabrics. Have a good week-end, Jo x

  15. Love your birdie covers :) they came out so nice! well done.
    I keep seeing lots of these fabric covers a lot recently. I makes me feel to try it too!


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