Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snow, Votes & a 100th Birthday Celebration

I hope you've all had a great week, it's been lovely seeing all the brilliant snowy pictures on blogs and on Facebook, it makes everything look so picturesque. I hope you don't mind another one.

My snowy view

 It's been great to see so many people enjoying themselves, lots of snowmen being built, children making snow angels on the ground, although I think I'll pass on that one, the days of me laying in the snow waving my arms up and down are well and truly over.
I know it has also been a difficult time for some, the children may love having days off school but some working parents have found it hard to juggle their time.
On a more serious note, don't forget those people that have not been able to get out and about, if you have an elderly or unwell neighbour who finds it hard cope in this weather, please check up on them.

This week I want ask you to take a few minutes to pop over to The Crafty Network Blog and check out the Linda's post about finding the overall winner of the all the winners and runners up of last years challenges.

The Crafty Network Challenge

 It would be great if you would vote and it would be doubly wonderful if you could send a vote or two my way (the chance to have a spend in Hobbycraft would be brilliant). There are a few different ways to vote, you can do it over on the The Blog,  on The Crafty Network facebook page  (either on the page or by private message) or you can email Linda on There are so many great entries (and some of them you will know and recognise) that I don't even mind if you vote for someone else.

And lastly, but certainly not least, I would like to send my best wishes to Wendy over at Handmade Harbour for hosting a whopping great 100 Handmade Monday's. It's been a pleasure to join in with this lovely and friendly linky party almost every week and Wendy's blog has lots more to offer, from great interviews and tutorials to practical advice and friendly tips on how to make your craft business a success. So don't forget to pop over and say hello.

No new makes to show you from me this week but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy, I'll have photo's ready for you to see next week but I'll leave you with a couple of pictures I took this afternoon....

Long Tail Tits

Feeding the birds, big, small & in between

 I hope you all have a great week

Take care & keep warm

Jan X


  1. Will pop across and vote. Love the bird table pics x

  2. Your snowy view is lovely. Makes me want to paint it! I always love images of birds too. I'll pop over to TCN and have a mooch!

  3. Gorgeous view in the snow! Will also have a wander over to TCN - good luck! Simmi x

  4. Will have a look and vote - good luck :)

  5. A lovely snowy view. It is so hard for birds to find food in this sort of weather, and unfortunately having cats it is not a good idea for me to feed them. My neighbours do though to help them survive. Will be voting for you, good luck and hope you have a good week.

  6. The snow really does make everything look so pretty. I just received a text message from my daughter's school to say they'll be closed tomorrow- thankfully tomorrow is my day off!

  7. Your photos are really great. I am sure those birds were very grateful for some food. I love the picture at the top of your post.

  8. Gorgeous birdie pics! Its so lovely to watch them isn't it :)

    I will pop over the the crafty network to vote! x

  9. Love the pics - off over to the Crafty Network for a nosey now x

  10. I have a very similar photo of the long tailed tits on the bird feeder - it was like a feeding frenzy!

  11. Love the bird pictures. All my garden seems to attract is pigeons!

    Just off to vote for you now....
    Anna x

  12. You've got me feeling left out now! We've got (and had) no snow - while I don't miss the disruption it is pretty to look at! Sue x

  13. I must return the voting favour :) Will pop over there and have a look now!

  14. Have voted!! I sat for ages watching our birds hopping about in the snow and fighting over the feeders :)
    Sadly I can't draw or paint so have to make do with photos.
    Have a great week!
    S x

  15. Lovely shot of the long tailed tits :)


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