Sunday, 9 September 2012

The bunny that wasn't really there

Do you see things that aren't really there? No I don't mean ghosties or spooks, I mean pictures in the cloud formations or faces in the flame of a fire. I do, I send my hubby crazy sometimes with comments like, 'can you see a dog in that shadow'? or 'oooh, look at that face in that wallpaper pattern'.
A few days ago I was gazing out of the kitchen window while waiting for the kettle to boil, I was thinking that I really need to get out and do some weeding when I spotted a bunny rabbit, or possibly a hare, it's disguised as a weed, it's about 18 inches tall to the tip of it's ears and I'd swear it appeared overnight.

Bunny Weed

Can you see it?, ok, take a step back from the screen, can you see it now?, if you still can't see what I can see, screw your eyes up and make the picture a bit fuzzy, surely you can see it now. Aren't they magnificent ears?

So using this image as inspiration I jotted down a few sketches....

Quick bunny sketches

Bunny disguised as a weed

I'll pop these with my other sketches of 'things that are not really there'. Yes I really do have a folder called 'Things that are not really there'
So next time you are out and about see if you can find something that isn't there, you may even find a bunny.

Happy hunting

Jan x

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  1. I can see him peeking at you over the top of the grass. Love the sketches

  2. The photograph caught my eye first and I thought 'hey, it looks like a bunny' and lo and behold he turned into one. An inspirational post as I will look at things in the garden to see if I can spot a bunny and his pals. Hope you have a good week.

  3. Love your sketch - your inspiration was a bit of a surprise!

  4. Yes, I saw the bunny too and I also see things within things. In fact, I once did a paint wash on the dining room walls in a house we used to live in and the kids and I would sit there and look for things we could see in the paint. It's amazing what we came up with (better than watching TV, too!). I'm sure it must be part of being creative - my excuse, anyway! I love the bunny sketch you came up with - it's always good to see others' inspirations and processes.

  5. I think that it's great that you took a weed and turned in into a bunny. I think your sketches are great.

  6. your sketches are wonderfully whimsical and full of imagination - beautiful! x

  7. Your sketches are really lovely. They would look great on a nursery wall :-)

  8. I spotted the rabbit. I think its wonderful you've come up with such creative
    sketches. Your not mad I'm always looking at stuff and thinking what could I make. Especially when I see a fabric I like that someone is wearing. Have a lovely week.

    Ali x

  9. I have a duck, who lives on my bedroom ceiling (which badly needs painting).

  10. I spotted the bunny....I too always see things that aren't there....I often find myself looking for faces etc in patterned wallpaper or cutains!! Your skteches are sooo cute xx

    1. of course I meant curtains :)
      Sarah x

  11. I used to spend hrs looking at faces in wallpaper swirls. Still do actually.

    You sketches are stunning and so much fun. That rabbit belongs in a kids book :)

  12. Yes,I am able to see things that aren't there but .... and now I'm going to throw a tantrum ..... have a wobbly ..... curl up and cry - how I wish, I wish, I wish I could transfer things that aren't there into the beautiful sketches you do!!!!

  13. I'm with you. As a young girl I used to see things in fabrics and patterns all the time. I really love your sketches. They are amazing. What are you going to use them for?

  14. That's adorable! I wish I had bunnies like that in my garden!


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