Sunday, 16 September 2012

Chalkboards for Halloween (& dare I say it... Christmas)

Busy, busy, busy, at the moment I'm making lots of stock ready for The Pumpkin Patch Fair. This event is nice and local to me and lots of fun, I only attended one weekend last year, you can read about it HERE, but this year I'm attending every weekend in October, phew 8 fairs in one month!! hubby Pat and my son are going to help out and it is close enough to be able to pop home for short bursts, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good weather.

My chalkboards were very popular last year, both the Halloween and the Christmas ones.....

Pumpkin Chalkboard

Scull & Crossbones Chalkboard

Christmas Chalkboard

I will be putting these into my Folksy Shop  and my WowThankyou Shop  and as some of you may know, I have a few of my items in a local Bricks & Mortar Shop, mainly my Fairy Doors and Diary/Book Covers, I wrote a bit about it HERE as a guest blogger, well, things are doing well, quite a few items have sold (I had a nice cheque in the post) and I've happily taken more stock to the shop, I'm going to pop in with a couple of Chalkboards next week so wish me luck that they will be accepted to display.

I've also been busy making some zombie and monster type items for Halloween but they are not ready to show just yet so watch this space.

I mentioned being a 'guest blogger', it was great to do, so if you would like to be a guest blogger then pop over to Jill at Christmas Pie Crafts, I'm sure that she'd love to hear from you.

Once again it's Handmade Monday Time so this post is linked to Wendy's Handmade Harbour

Wishing you all a good week

Jan x


  1. Your chalkboards are lovely - the hallowee'en ones I can imagine being *really* popular with American buyers.

  2. I can see why these are so appealing. A great way of counting the days to the big event. Do you think they may work for birthdays and other events maybe?

  3. What a great idea. I think you may have just found yourself a niche in the market there. Could you do one with a blank space for whatever it is you are counting down for? It may be the end of term, a special trip... the occasions are endless. Good luck with all those fairs.

  4. Christmas - yes scary thought but it's less then 100 days away, which means that about 80 -90 for the last orders and most fairs finish about 20 days before - I'm panicking right now... Lovely chalk boards by the way !

  5. I like the little chalk holders, they are so cute and an excellent way to store chalk.

  6. I love the chalk boards, so different and fun. Jill has been so good about the guest blogging shame more crafters do not join in it helps all of us and I enjoyed reading about you Jan.

    Thank you for your kind words on my National Women's Friends blog, sorry I made you cry.

    Have a good week x

  7. Your chalk boards are so lovely Jan - very creative ideas. Like the Halloween one in particular. Hope you have a good week.

  8. I love the little pockets for the chalk, such a clever idea! I remember your trip to the pumpkin fair last year... hope it is a real success for you this year :)

  9. those chalk board are a fab idea! i can definitely see why they are so popular :)

    congratulations at your first sales in the shop, that's fantastic! i'm sure that the boards will go down well there too :) x

  10. Your chalk boards are really unique. I love the designs you've created. Good luck with the fairs. Ali x

  11. Love the chalk boards, they seem to be very popular at the moment. It's great that they can be used for any occassion!!! Good luck with your 'fair-a-thon'! :-)

  12. Great idea, although it will be scary seeing how quickly the days count down until Christmas.

  13. Love the boards. Hope you have a fab fair. PS am sooooo chuffed you like your purse. It's always a bit scary selling to fellow crafters!

  14. 8 fairs in one month sounds like lots of hard work but I bet it will be lots of fun too, I hope you have lots of success.
    The chalk boards are fab, I love the pirate one.


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