Thursday, 21 April 2011

My Garden

What a glorious day, I decided to do a bit of gardening this morning while most of my pocket handkerchief sized garden was still in the shade and guess what? I didn't get any work done! I did take some photographs though...

 These chicks are gorgeous... 
I have been watching the parents lovingly flying back and forth with beaks full of worms and bugs. The shrubs they picked for their nestbuilding are next to each other and the nests are only about 4 feet apart.

The first picture is a robins nest with the most gorgeous chicks and the second picture is a wonderful blackbirds brood.

I really do need to get the lawnmower out but before I do I wanted to capture the lovely self cultivating flowers that are popping up in abundance all over my patch of grass.

Look what I found hiding, these 'ickle fellows have made my garden their home for many years now and I just don't know where I'll find them next. Sometimes they are in the pots and sometimes in amongst the flower beds. They have even been known to find their way up into the trees.

 This is a Lily Beetle peeking at me from between the leaves. I need to get rid of this and any more I find, they are definitely not good for the plants.

This is the only timepiece I have in my garden! Isn't it beautiful?

Some of my toadstools and ammonites.
This is one of the many carvings I have dotted around my garden.

And lastly a great close up of the tiny blue flowers that are covering my garden at the moment.

I hope you have enjoyed the time spent in my little patch of garden, I certainly have. I'm not going to be doing much in the way of crafting this week, (or gardening), I'm going to spend my time with my wonderful family. 
Have a great Easter everybody.

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Jan x


  1. Great photographs Jan....
    The little blue forget-me-nots are my fave flowers....(and hopefully the name of my new collection....when it gets made lol)

  2. It is so annoying to find blooming lily beetles out in the garden... stomp, stomp, stomp! There, I got it for you. :)

  3. Thank you Ros, they are such a lovely colour but do so much damage.... thanks for the stomp x

  4. These are beautiful pictures.
    My favorite is the Lily Beetle.


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