Thursday, 31 December 2015

Sketch Books, Love Potions & 2016

I know we say this all the time but I've got to say it again...... Wow, how time has flown, I can hardly believe another year has gone by and it's 2016 already!!!!!!

Like every New Year I like to plan on doing and making new things, for inspiration I've been looking through my sketch & idea books...

Pages from my sketch books

....they are full of things I can expand and experiment with, I'd like to do more work with polymer clay with a bit of paper mache thrown in.

I've been having fun with my miniature bottles so I'm planning to do a few more, my Christmas ones were a huge success so I thought I'd move on to Valentines Day themed bottles....

A Miniature Bottle for your Valentine

I've also been having a little play around with a logo for my Etsy Shop

Playing with Logo's

These are some of my works in progress, still lots of sketches and jiggery pokery to do but I'm quite liking this style and it's been great fun playing around with coffee and ink stains. 

I'll leave you all with my best wishes for a wonderful 2016

Jan x

The linky party over at Lucy Blossom Crafts  is still open so I'm popping this post over there, why not wonder over and see who else is joining in.


  1. Happy New Year Jan. I agree 2015 just flew by am sure there are now less hours in the day than 10 years ago, or could be getting older and slower. I have been going through my journals for the past 30 years and can see some ideas noted but never made. Hope 2016 is a successful journey for us all x

  2. Happy New Year, your sketchbooks are obviously full of inspiration and ideas. I'm going to be playing with some polymer clay this year so I may be asking you for advice - strictly for fun (for now) I like the way your logo is turning out.

  3. Happy New Year, I hope 2016 is a fabulous year for you. What gorgeous drawings in your sketchbook - I aim to start an art journal this year, but I'm not sure it's going to be very good! My daughter, who is studying Illustration and Graphic Design at Uni is putting together a new logo for me - it's hard work isn't it - trying to find something you really like and know you'll want to keep for some time.

  4. Happy new year! Love the drawings and i do love those mini bottles xx

  5. Happy New Year! Did you choose a logo? I really like the one on the left.


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