Thursday, 21 January 2016

Ladybird Peg Dolls for Valentine Gifts

I've been painting Peg Dolls again, these are great for Valentines Day but as love is not just one day specific these are equally ideal for any time of the year.

Ladybird Love Bug with Wings

Ladybirds (or Ladybugs) are one of my favorite wee creatures so make perfect little Love Bugs. The wings are made of felt, I painted the black spots and added lots of sparkle. The antennae are made from wire. 

Peg Doll with a painted cloak

A little Love Bug doesn't have to have felt wings, this one has a painted cloak instead.

A Couple of Ladybird Peg Dolls

This pair are really cute and would make a lovely cake topper for an engagement or wedding.
These can be found in my online shops (links up and to the right) or you can contact me if you want something similar.

OK so I have 3 'ickle diddy Questions for you.....

1.. Do you call them Ladybirds or Ladybugs... or do you have your own name for them?

2.. What do you call male Ladybirds?

3.. When you're writing about a photo do you place the writing BEFORE or AFTER said photo?

Jan x
Don't forget to pop over to Lucy Blossoms blog  it's her first birthday of hosting Handmade Monday and you can see lots of other great crafters over there. 


  1. Jan, these are so cute. I love them.

  2. 1. Ladybirds
    2. lol has to be ladybirds again
    3. After!

    Such sweet little characters, Jan! :o)

    1. Thank you, I always struggle with the before or after :)

  3. They are really sweet, I always call them ladybirds whether they are make or female (or if you ask Lucy she will call them all Gaston after Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom). I also always put the writing after or under the picture.

    1. Awww that's sweet, I'd never heard of Gaston or Ben & Holly so I've just googled them :)

  4. Ladybirds, unless I am talking to someone from the States.
    Same for the boy ones.
    Had to check for the last question, but I seem mainly to put the photo first and writing after.

  5. These are just so darn cute! I've no idea if male ladybirds have a different name, manbirds doesn't seem like a thing does it?!
    I've just googled it, the "Lady" bit is for "Our Lady" apparently so male ladybirds are just that, male ladybirds - learn something every day!

    1. now I never knew that about Our Lady and crops and things, you certainly do learn something new when you google :)

  6. Thank you for your visit.
    I love these Ladybirdies. Very cute.
    1 Ladybirdies
    2 Nothing....they never reply anyway!
    3 Photo first words after.

  7. I tend to call them lady bugs as have a lot of US friends but find UK do not always understand, so use both names. I think yours look so sweet and as you said not just for Valentines

    1. They'd look pretty on your lavender sachets :)

  8. ladybugs :) so so cute! can be for anytime too clever! x

  9. Hi Jan, these are lovely! I would say ladybirds for both male and female and I sometimes do before, sometimes after with pictures and comments xxx

  10. Ooh they're lovely! Round by us a ladybird is a bishy-barney-bee.


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