Sunday, 17 February 2013

Seed Heads & Cat Plaques

The importance of correct measurements.

Without the proper information we cannot always tell what size things are.
Just for a bit of fun I took photographs of three seed heads, they are all different sizes and set out in no particular order. Don't you just LOVE seed heads?
Can you tell how big (or small) they are? Are you able to put them in order from the smallest to the largest?

     A                                                                       B                                                                C
 I'll show you the answer at the end of this post......

The reason I thought about this subject was a friend thought she'd got a bargain when buying a present, (not from me), the item was in a sale and reasonably priced but when it arrived she had a bit of a shock, she expected the item to be 25cm tall but it was teeny tiny, so off she went to re-read the description and realised that she was at fault. The description stated that the item was indeed 25mm. But she felt a bit aggrieved because all other items available were measured in centimetres. The good news was, she was given a refund and she also learned a valuable lesson along the way.
 Always check the sizes!!

Sometimes items are visually difficult to size and it can be helpful if there is a prop to show the scale, but it has to be the right prop,

This is a model car and a 50cent coin, you can tell the approximate scale right......

A Sporty Model Car

 look again....

50 cent coin!!
Oooops I don't think that coin will fit in my pocket and that sporty little number is a real car.
You can see more Miniature Object Illusions like this over at 
 Skrekkogle Studio 

This week I thought I'd show you a couple of plaques as part of the Handmade Monday Link Up, why don't you grab a cuppa and pop over to check out who else is taking part.

A Crazy Cat Family Plaque

The wording on all of my plaques can be changed to suit, so this could be 
A Crazy Cat Lady or  A Cat Crazy Family, it can say whatever you choose.

Cats leave Paw Prints Plaque

The colours and wording can be changed to whatever you prefer.

These measure up at 7x31/2 inches, or do you prefer 18cm x 9cm?
Cat plaques are usually popular at craft fairs so I thought I'd try one in my Folksy Shop
And now folks, back to the seed heads, could you tell which one was the largest?...

Seed Heads grouped together

The Smallest = C
The Middle sized one = A
The Largest = B  
Did you get them in the right order?

To try and get the idea of the scale I've included a regular sized pen and pencil into the photo. I'm loving these so much I can feel a painting coming on, I'm off to get some sketches done.

Toodle pip and have a great week

Jan x


  1. Those seed heads look to be giant ;) No I didn't get them correct but your post is really interesting. you have found some great photo's. Thanks for sharing. I know a lot of people who fit those plaques perfectly (or should it be the other way around?) I hope you have a great week :)

  2. You are so right about measurements - I always try to remember to include them in any product description as I won't buy anything online if it doesn't tell you what size it is.
    Love the car and the coin!

  3. I didn't even get close on the seed heads and the last photo was a surprise. You're right about measurements. I love those cats!

  4. I had absolutely no idea which seed head was biggest or smallest for that matter. I think you've brought up an excellent point. Your plaques look lovely the heart one with the paw print is really cute. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  5. Such lovely seed-heads - so delicate. Pretty plaques too. What about a combination - seed-heads on plaques? Or a large one painted on a plaque with a clock in the middle - Dandelion o'clock!

  6. Nowhere on the seed heads. I love your cat plaque - very me I think. hope you have a good week.

  7. I did pick out the biggest one, but it was just luck. And I had no idea that they were quite that big. I have been caught out buying things from catalogues, and not reading the sizes properly.

  8. Didn't get them in the correct order....

    Measurements can be so confusing. I use inches and lbs and oz even though we were taught metric at school.

    My friend who's cat mad would love your plagues.

  9. So very true! I love the car and coin trick! I even find that sometimes I'll make things, photograph them and put the real product away, and when I get them out months later ever I'm surprised that it's smaller than it looks in the photo! It can be quite a tricky thing to give a true representation.

  10. Wow, that's a great post :-) Love the car and the coin one and I got all the seed head sizes wrong!! Have a great week, Simmi x

  11. Those seed heads really are beautiful! I could just see them cropping up in one of your lovely paintings.. i love the cat plaques too - so cute! I can see why they're popular :)

    You make a great point about sizes and perspective and i love the pictures you've used to illustrate it! x

  12. This is a great post and a really useful reminder about sizes. I had to admit I got the seed heads totally wrong :-)

  13. An interesting post. I love your cat plaques especially the way you have drawn your cats :)

  14. All were larger than I thought and I had no idea of the scale! I'm bad at that stuff. ;)
    BTW love your cats, and it's funny my blog was cattish too. :) Anyway, you made me laugh this week. It's good to be back blogging, I have missed everyone.

  15. What an informative, educational posting. It was so much fun to read....but metric measurements are foreign to me since I live in the US! One day we will probably have to change to be in tune with rest of the world! Wishing you a wonderful week.


  16. What a great post jan ! The seed heads are so beautiful - can't wait to see what you create from their inspiration ! x

  17. I though the seed heads were all as small as dandelions, nowhwere near as big as they actually are. Good reminder though as I'm taking pictures tomorrow of several new items I've made and I'm so I'm going to add some accessories for size reference. x

  18. Love those seed heads and I have learnt that valuable lesson of checking the adverts/descriptions out to avoid disappointment!

  19. Well I got that totally wrong though I did suspect that the car was a real one for some reason. Just goes to show that appearances can be very deceiving. I'm forever having to check with hubby the metric measurements. My head is firmly still in good old inches and yards. Have just bought some material in Fabricland marked up as 3.99 and 2.99. Having got home and looked at receipt I see that the sales assistant has very carefully (becasue I asked for 1 yard of each) cut me what I asked for and adjusted the price accordingly to be £2.84 and £3.79!!!! Now thats service for you.
    Hugs Mrs A.


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