Saturday, 31 March 2012

Trees at Brandon Park

I finished some of my 'for sale' canvases this week, I thought you might like to see these three. They are part of a collection that have been put up in the tea rooms at Brandon Country Park

You can't tell by the photographs but they have been painted in acrylic that has put on very thick using palette knives rather than brushes. It's a great way of painting texture and I love doing trees in this way, it really captures the roughness of the tree bark.

Jan x


  1. These look fantastic, I've never been to Brandon Country Park but it looks lovely. I've never heard of painting with knives instead of brushes, sounds quite difficult! I hope your details are somewhere near the paintings so people can order their own when they see them. x

  2. Stunning Jan, wish I lived closer so I could view the real thing.

  3. what a great way to 'paint' I'd love to give that a try.My favourite is the first picture, really love how textured it looks.



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