Sunday, 11 March 2012

Bicycles and sketches

Hello all, another Handmade Monday has come around and what a busy time it's been. 
I have been doing  lots of prep this week for a couple of 'one woman shows' that have been organised for me......ooer, that sounds a bit grand don't you think? 
The first one is to be held over the Easter Period in a lovely little Tea Room at Brandon Country Park
I made the fatal mistake of thinking I had lots of time to get my paintings done and organised but as usual have left everything to the last minute.
I 'sort' of know what I want to do, so that's 'sort' of good, I've done a few sketches, so that's good

My bicycle sketches
I've transferred some of the sketches onto my canvases, I consider that very good.

Bicycle sketches on 3 canvases

Now all I need to do is get the paintings done and hopefully show them to you in a future post. I decided to go with a bicycle theme, mainly because the park has lots of cycle paths and attracts lots of cyclists. It's a lovely peaceful place to go for a rides or walks and to enjoy nature.
I don't mind the walking bit but I don't 'do' cycles, painting them is one thing, riding them is quite another, they don't like me, really, they don't, as soon as I go near one of these contraptions they conspire against me, go all wibbly wobbly and to throw me to the ground. 

My second show is at an Abstract Gallery in a Coffee Shop in Newmarket, that's not until November so hey there's plenty of time.... isn't there?!
Oh and in between these two I'm taking part in a group Art Show to be held at a Local Church in June. I'd better get my skates on.
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Have a good week all,

Jan x


  1. Well done you. When you stare at an empty white space it can be quite daunting until the first line is made. I like the sketch with the free wheeling cyclist. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  2. Wow, it all sounds very exciting and very busy. I love seeing other people's work at the sketch stage - it always looks really exciting! Can't wait to see how these develop!

  3. Lots to look forward to - what fun. Love your sketches - there's real movement in them - brilliant.

  4. I can't wait to see the finished results and good luck with the shows! Sketching (or in my case - doodling) is great as you can tweak away and add things without worry. Have a great week. x

  5. I'm so envious of your drawing and painting talent. I tried my hand at it once, spent a fortune on quality materials and only ever did 3 paintings. Now the kit sits under my bed in a box all redundant. Good luck with the One Woman Shows!! X

  6. I love the motion you get into your pictures... you could almost be on the bikes and feel the wind blowing through your hair... cannot wait to see the finished work, it is a privilege to see the genesis of your work :)

  7. Sketches look great, cant wait to see the finished paintings! good luck with all your shows!

    Samantha x

  8. Your work is great, the free-wheeling cyclist looks as though he will move off of the page at any minute. Good luck with the shows - very exciting. Hope you have a good week.

  9. Good luck with your events. What is it with bicycles this year a friend has just completed a design and I am off to do a penny farming this week, must be on trend good to see and so green, have a good week sketching as the result will be stunning.

  10. Hi jan
    We have a bike each - collecting dust in the shed lol!

  11. love the sketches-look forward to seeing the end result!

  12. Good Luck with all your events, looking forward to seeing the canvases finished.
    All the family have bikes and about once a year the children persuade me to go on a bike ride with them, we end up out all day, and afterwards I'm so stiff that I cant walk for 2 days, so I put the bike back in the shed till the next time. lol
    Hugs Sue x

  13. The sketches are lovely. I can't wait to see the painted cycle themed park setting.

  14. Your sketches are amazing and I can't wait to see the finished results. Drawing/painting is not my forte at all.

  15. Great sketches and great ideas Jan
    wish you lots of inspiration and time to realize your projects :)


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