Monday, 19 March 2012

A few Felt Critters

I've been away all week, spending a bit of quality time with my mum. It's been a great week and although I miss being with her it's nice to be back home, mum lives over 200 miles away and usually when I visit both me and my husband go by road, this time hubby was working so I went by train.

For the journey
It was a 5 hour journey and I was surprised at how quickly it went.

I was armed with magazines, a suduko book and a small sketch book which helped pass the time.

Oh yes, I had a few sweeties too.

Felt Critters
I took with me a bag of 'bit's to do' which consisted of a few bits of felt and needles and cotton, not forgetting that I was going by train and needed to carry everything. I cut out a few shapes and started making these little characters, I think they look a bit like my fridge magnets that you can see here

I'm planning to sew backs on them, add padding and a ribbon loop then these little fella's will probably become key fobs or zip pullers. 

At the end of the week my husband came to collect me so I didn't need to do the return journey by train. 
We arrived home on Saturday evening and on the Sunday we took part in the Eastern Region Ride of Respect  which is an annual charity ride to raise money and awareness for the Royal British Legion. It's a great ride but by gosh it was a cold day.

On the road to RAF Honnington

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Wishing you all a happy week

Jan x


  1. Its actually quite nice to travel by train for a change. I always take something to do too to pass the time. Your little felt critters turned out good. Wow do you have a motorbike like the ones in the picture? Mich x

  2. one of the best things about travelling by train is how much you can get done on the journey! Hoping to see lots of critter keyrings and suchlike soon!

  3. I love the occasional train ride, I find it so relaxing, it makes such a change as I'm always driving everywhere.
    Cute critters
    Hugs Sue x

  4. You definitely had lots to do during your train journey, the felt critters are cute!

    Samantha x

  5. Your felt critters remind me of liquorice allsorts!! Love the colours and can't wait to see what they turn into! X

  6. I had to look twice at your little felt critters. I thought they were sweets - the ones you took with you on your journey!!

  7. Cute little felt critters. Sounds like you had a great week with your mum.

  8. I love that type of journey, we spend so much time causing round in a car when a train at times can take the strain. Mind you would probably take the everything and the kitchen sink just in case... and you had time with your Mum, have a great week Jan and take care x

  9. Lovely felt critters - I can see lots of different things they can be added to. Glad you enjoyed your train journey and spent time with your mum. Hope you have a good week.

  10. Wow. You are into Motorbikes. Now that does get my attention. I had one in my youth, too many years ago to think about but never forgot the thrill of sitting astride that powerful animal. Sigh. Back to reality and the zimmer. (Not quite yet). I love train journeys, I have to travel that way to my eldests home and look forward to several hours of me time where no one can get at me. As you say, they can be quite productive hours too. Love your little felt faces and can't wait to see what they end up as.

  11. Bike - train -bike-train...erm, biiiiiike!

  12. I love travelling by train, it's so relaxing (if there aren't any delays and you can get a seat!) I normally take my crochet, I wouldn't trust the other travellers safety if I had had anything more pointy!
    Love the felt critters, especially the big eyes, they remind me of the ghosts from pacman :)


  13. Very organised! Your little felt critters made me smile. Hope you have a good week-end.
    Jo x


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