Monday, 13 February 2012

Thank you, Thank you

Do you remember a while back when I won a  Giveaway from Jo at Pickle-Lily ? Well that was way back to November last year, the items were duly posted to me and were happily received.

What a great prize

The magazine has been well thumbed, the chocolates lasted all of maybe, possibly, erm.. probably 15 minutes (or less) and they were yummy.
The knot necklace I have plans for, but will wait until the spring, I haven't yet decided what to make with the wool, I'm not a big knitter and I don't can't crochet so I was thinking of making a row of pom pom bunting?

The lovely bag has been put to good use and is used to keep my socks in, not any old socks but lovely soft fluffy socks that will be used to make Sock Monkeys, Bunnies and maybe a Sock Horse or two.

A great place to keep my socks
The last item was the beautiful Japanese fabric, I spent a long time deciding what to use it for, it's such a lovely fabric I wanted to do it justice, then a few days ago while reading the Ros made me Blog,  I looked at my trusty phone book and thought that the cover leaves a lot to be desired

It's stained, scratched and not very pleasant to look at, I don't want to get another book, I've had this one for years and it's full of little notes and information that would be really difficult to replicate in a new book.

Ros had given me the idea but I decided that I wanted it a bit different. I've made covers before, for make up, note books, sketch books and the like but I needed pockets to keep all the bits of paper that always get 'stuffed' into my phonebook and the fabric from Jo was perfect. Thank you Jo. This is what I came up with.

Phone Book Cover

The pockets on the inside flap are perfect for storing business cards and little notes that would otherwise go missing.

A Diary Cover
Matching covers

But why stop at a phone book cover?

I have a slim handbag diary that looked good after a bit of treatment.

I love the colours in this fabric and the design is lovely, I think the red ribbon for the bookmark and the fastening looks really good. The button is one that I already had in my button tin.

I also have enough fabric left to cover my doodle pad that I usually carry around with me.
These covers can be be removed so as soon as my pad is filled I can put the cover on my next one.

My second big thank you this week goes to Caroline at Caroleecrafts for the beautiful Initial Sachet that arrived wrapped in her lovely dotty tissue paper.

A Gift from Caroline
The colours in the photograph really don't do it justice, the embroidery is done using beautiful jewel coloured silks. Thank you Caroline.

I'm linking this post along with other great blogs over at 1st Unique Gifts, why not join me.....

Jan x


  1. Jan - how lucky were you? What a lovely couple of giveaways to win.

    The covers are great but I am really jealous of your embroidered sachet :)

    1. Yes I feel really privileged. Caroline's work is so pretty.

      Jan x

    2. Wow, talk about making something go a long way and don't they look wonderful. Mind you, I bet next time you are looking for the pbone book you can't find it because you still have the tatty cover in mind. lol.

  2. What fab giveaways, and i love what you've done with the fabric :)

  3. Well done on both of your giveaway wins - they all look lovely. I love the material you have used for your doodle-pad cover. Hope you have a good week.

  4. You lucky girl, love the giveaway's and the covers for your books is just perfect.

    You are well deserved to win my giveaway and thank you so much for your lovely comments

  5. What lovely giveaways, and how fab are your book covers? I have a bit of a thing for padded book covers, and I especially love how you've made and utilised the pockets on your phone book cover. It now has many more years of life, and looks pretty into the bargain. Brilliant!

  6. Those book covers are great. Fantastic to see folks sharing ideas for what to make across the Handmade Monday posts.

    The embroidery on that sachet looks so intricate. Must have taken ages and so beautiful.

    Alison x

    Blue Forest Jewellery

  7. How lovely to win giveaways. Lovewhat you have done with the fabric, they are really nice.

  8. Super notebook covers - great idea. Very unusual fabric - I can imagine it was difficult deciding what to do with it. Good decision tho!

  9. Lots of lovely goodies there. I like that you chose to use the same fabric. Items with the same theme look better I think.

  10. I love the fabric, and I was due to be covering a book tonight, so I will be checking out Ros' blog to check techniques

  11. What an excellent idea especially the pockets at the back!

  12. Wow Jan that fabric is absolutely gorgeous and what a great job you made of your covers - great idea too to do that. Mich x

  13. I love the use of the fabric!

    Lucky you for winning that cushion too! Well done!

    Great make and a great gift. Mass excellence :)

  14. Oh, it's all so beautiful (I'm listening to Adele as I type this, which sets such a mood). I love the covers, those are beautifully done. But, I really perked up when I read sock horse? I will be looking forward to that. :)

  15. Your phonebook and Diary cover look fantastic - as good as new! That fabric is just gorgeous too...lucky you!

  16. What a great idea the phonebook and diary have a new lease of life and that fabric is gorgeous. The initial pillow is beautiful too, such detail. You are a very lucky lady! x

  17. Wow I am amazed by how you used the fabric - so glad you won it!
    Jo x


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