Sunday, 19 February 2012

Cute cows and Handmade Monday

Hello all, I hope you are all keeping well. I thought I'd start off with a photograph I took yesterday. These Highland Cattle are so cute and don't you just love their warm coats. They are such inquisitive creatures, I didn't have to wait long before they came wandering over to have a nosey.

Highland Cattle

 On the crafting front I have been busy doing Art Hangers, these always make popular gifts and are a great way to show off a child's precious works of art.

Purple and Pink Art Hanger for Lola

A Blue & Green Art Hanger for Ethan

A Red & Yellow Art Hanger for Ellie

A Baby Pink Art Hanger for Faye

I thought I'd finish where I started by showing you another photograph taken yesterday. 
These are a breed known as British White, aren't they adorable?

British White

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Wishing you all a good week

Jan x


  1. Love variety of ribbon colour. I like the black nosed cows best. See its all in colour co-ordination with me.

  2. I love Highland Cows! Hubby & I call them 'Och-aye-the-moos' (apologies for any Scots out there, no offence intended!)

    Lovely work too, as always x

    Ali x

  3. I think cows are so pretty, such gentle creatures and all that wonderful warm coat on the Highland ones.

    Love the plaques what a good idea so much better than blutack.

  4. Lovely art hangers - they're always popular gifts for children. The highland cattle look warm in their fur coats!

  5. Your hangers are lovely - very pretty colours and such fun. Great pics of the cows. Hope you have a good week.

  6. I love the way that the decoration continues onto the pegs... I am sure these will be owned by some rather proud grandparents :)

  7. How can you look into those lovely, soft faces then eat a lump of their rump.
    I think the plaques are lovely. The colours are so vibrant too and you have such a steady hand and good eye when dealing with the paint brush

  8. Lovely art hangers. I'm going have to invest in something like that just as soon as my little boy masters the art of drawing on paper instead of walls, floors and cookbooks!

  9. I love highland cattle, used to see them everyday years ago when I lived in Yorkshire.
    Love the hangers, not just for children though - wouldnt mind one myself ready for when I create one LOL.

  10. I love Highland cattle as well. The hangers are really a great way to show off art works. Wish I had them when my kids were little.

  11. Ooh those pink Highland cattle noses and all that hair! They're lovely - thanks for sharing your pics. Pretty hangers too BTW!

  12. The art hangers are great, every family kitchen should have one of those! The cattle are just gorgeous, I'd love to have some of the Highlands on the farm I'll be buying when I win the lotto! x

  13. Oh, I do like those cows! My Father in Law was a cattle rancher, but his weren't those hairy type which are so cute. :)
    I love those art hangers. Believe it or not just the other day I told my son I would try to come up with something for his step son in that vein. Boys are so hard to make things for.

  14. We all love 'Hee-land-coos' in our house! My husband tells a very bad joke that the kids love in a broad Glaswegan (sp?) accent which I shan't try and type! The hangers are a brilliant idea.
    Jo x


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