Monday, 25 July 2011

Pink Plaques

 I seem to have had a bit of a pink moment......

Shhh..... Princess sleeping             

A little Princess sleeps here is a popular Plaque and I like to do each one slightly different.

 'Shhh....Baby sleeping
This Plaque painted 'portrait' rather than the usual 'landscape' seems to be a hit and I already have a few orders in different colours. 

Just as a change from pink I'd like to show you a rose from my garden.

The colour is really beautiful, I haven't messed around on the computer with the colour of this rose, it is truly black when it first buds and over the next few days becomes a lovely velvety red.

Just starting to open

The fully opened flower    

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Bye for now

Jan x


  1. Pretty Plaques. That rose is beautiful

  2. Jan that rose is gorgeous!

  3. It is a beautiful rose, there are 4 fully opened, 4 partly opened and about 8 new buds at the moment, just need a bit more sunshine now. x

  4. Those plaques are lovely - no wonder they are popular.

    I love that rose - what variety is it? (Like I know anything about roses!!)

    Ali x

  5. Very pretty plaques and such a gorgeous rose!

  6. Ali, I have no idea of the variety, I bought it really cheap at one of the el cheapo supermarkets about 16 years ago and I have moved it twice and it still keeps going. x

  7. Beautiful plaques and a gorgeous rose-what a great colour.

  8. I bet those plaques get snapped up don't they? That rose is amazing

  9. The rose is stunning I love it and I'm not a fan of roses (especially red ones) but that is just amazing.

    Like your plaques to and pink is always a little girls first favourite colour - well it was with my niece. Now she's into greens and purples.

  10. What a stunning rose! I really like the plaques, I especally like the way you do the borders, very effective :)

  11. Hi Jan - impressive close ups of the roses!
    My sister is looking for people to reveiew a product for free is interested ? (closes 31.7.11). In exchange for a review you can have your blog image on the review posting.

    Her blog is Bath Bomb Creations Blogspot.

    Lesley x

  12. Those plaques are lovely and I love the rose pictures x

  13. aww these pictures are great! I love the plaques too, they're adorable! =]


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