Sunday, 29 November 2015

Stonham Barns Owl Sanctuary and Outdoor Plaques

It's been a week of painting Fairy Doors, Wooden Houses and Key Hook Plaques but I'm afraid I can't show them yet. Soooo I thought I'd share my day out with you instead.

Today, even though it's a wet and windy Sunday, hubby dragged me away from my painting table AKA the kitchen table, to treat me to a day out. We went to Stonham Barns, I'd never been before and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's an Owl Sanctuary but has lots of other birds of prey to see...

This was the weirdest looking Snowy Owl I've ever seen, It's winter plumage makes it look like it has a big fat pair of legs....

Snowy Owl

I took so many photographs I really didn't know what ones to show you, I managed to whittle it down to these.

Please don't ask me what they all are, I really should of taken notes, or better still, taken a photo of the information card that was with each of the birds.

As well as the Birds they have these cheeky chappies, I could of stayed watching them for hours....... 

Meerkat Kastle at Stonham Barns can see them on Youtube here...  YouTube - Meerkats at Stonham Barns

The sanctuary has a wide variety of birds, there are Falcons, Eagles and Red Kites to name but a few.  

Some of these magnificent birds are here because they were injured, usually by other birds or animals but can you believe that one of these birds had been shot, it was brought to the sanctuary after being found by a dog walker.

As well as the animals and birds there is a restaurant and a selection of gift shops so if you're out and about in the Suffolk area I think it's worth going, although I think I'll wait till the warmer weather for my next visit.  

You can find out more about it here....

To redress the balance, as this is a Crafty Blog, here are a couple of plaques that are in my Folksy Shop at the moment,

 Did you see what I did there?..... As they are outdoor plaques I thought they would fit in with the theme of this post.........

            ........and there's a feather in the photo too.

I'm going to pop this post over to the Handmade Monday Link Up @ Lucy Blossom Crafts

Jan x


  1. The birds are lovely, I always think birds of prey look so graceful. It sounds like you've got some lovely Christmas presents being made too.

  2. Those birds are glorious but just love the meerkats, so inquisitive. Kim loved her 'Gone Riding' plaque, she plans to hang behind the till in her shop when her hubby is left in charge and she is on riding. Thank you again it was perfect. x

    1. So pleased about the plaque, thank you for letting me know. :) x

  3. Isn't it funny how we both have bird posts this week? I love how you edited those photos! They look amazing. And the birds are beautiful! Your plaques, as always are gorgeous!

  4. What beautiful birds. I thought they were statues at first.

  5. What gorgeous looking owls. Your photos are brilliant, I do love meercats they have such personalities!

  6. love the little spider on the plaques :) x

  7. Haha, that snowy owl with the chunky 'legs' looks really funny! Love the meerkat photo too, very well timed to get them all looking in different directions :) x


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