Monday, 20 July 2015

A Plaque for a Playroom, Fairies Welcome

I have another commissioned plaque to show you this week, this time it is for a playroom for a couple of little girls. I was contacted via my Handcrafted by Picto Facebook Page and after an exchange of ideas and a sketch sent for approval this is what I painted....

Playroom Plaque

 I love the colours, the brief was lilac, pink and yellow in pastel shades.

A Playroom Fairy

 I have put a shimmer of sparkle paint around the edges and on all the details.

Fairies Welcome

This Fairy Garden is filled with Butterflies and Dragonflies, Toadstools and Flowers.

Welcome Plaque

I added a couple of snails, ladybirds, a caterpillar and a wiggly worm in the grass.

A Fairy Plaque for a Playroom

 This plaque is a tad larger than my usual size, about an inch all round and slightly thicker, I can also do any of my plaques on canvas or paper on request. This picture gives you an idea of the difference in size.

Plaque Sizes

Just before I go I thought I'd show you a returning visitor to my feeders...

A Great Spotted Woodpecker at the feeder

I think I may paint one of these, don't you think the markings are lovely?

I'm off to join in with Lucy Blossom Crafts Blog Link Up

Jan x


  1. Oh that is so pretty and I am sure the girls will just love it. Like your visitor they are so cheeky.

  2. Your plaque is really sweet, I love all the little details that you add to them.

  3. We get those Woodpeckers here too! The really big ones are at least a foot tall! And scary long beaks! The most of the Squirrels aren't stupid enough to mess with them! ;-D
    Sweet plaque!


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