Sunday, 7 December 2014

Christmas Decorations for the Christmas Tree

Who has a Christmas Tree?

Who likes Tree Decorations?
Did I hear you cry "me" and "I do"?

So just for you, here are some hand painted decorations..

Firstly here are some of the popular Cheeky Snow Chappies

A Trio of Cheeky Little Snowmen

How about some Cats in Hats

Kitty Cats for the Christmas Tree

Next up is a Cute Christmas Penguin

A Penguin in a Santa Hat

and the last one for now is a Sweetly Singing Robin

A Christmas Robin Singing his Sweet Song
Some of these are in my one line shops, you will find the links in the Right Hand Column or if you want something similar making or personalised you can contact me either through my shops or on here.

Jan x

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  1. They are absolutely gorgeous, I can't believe you painted them. About to head off to Pin them to my Christmas Pinterest board right away! x

  2. These ornaments are so so cute! I love all the designs you painted. That wonderful time of year is almost here! Have a wonderful week.

  3. All your ornaments are just so sweet. They'd look wonderful adorning a tree. The cheery little robin is my favourite.
    Ali xx

  4. These are so lovely, Penguins seem to be massive this year - I guess that is all John Lewis's fault! I think the snowmen are probably my favourite though.

  5. Each one would look stunning dressed on a tree. My favourites are the snowmen. Their faces are so cute xx

  6. These are gorgeous, particularly like cats:)

  7. They are all gorgeous, Jan. I love the snowmen the best! x

  8. They are lovely, I'm with Wendy - I think the snowmen are the best. I love the texture of the wood too.

  9. These are gorgeous Jan. Love the penguin!

  10. I love the Robin, in fact they are all lovely! So beautifully painted! Well done honey xx

  11. love the penguin so cute! all so brilliant x

  12. So gorgeous, you are so talented x

  13. These are so lovely, Jan! We have our little Santa hanging on the airing cupboard door so we see him every morning xx


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