Sunday, 23 February 2014

Spring Flowers, Hearts, Daffodils & Bluebells

I love living where I do, here is a little peek at my week in pictures...
from big skies

View from the Warren
to little snowdrops

Snowdrops & Eranthis (winter aconite)
from big trees

Scots Pine by the Lake in Brandon Park
to little birds

Mr Blackbird & the Chaffinch
from a big horse

Mr Ned in the field
to the teeniest tiny snail among the moss

A Snail in the Moss

It's lovely to have so much inspiration on the doorstop. 

My latest Hearts with Flowers are for my local Art Shop Cavern 4 with Workwise which is part of the the Papworth Trust, a worthwhile charity helping to train and develop people with mental health problems. 

These Hearts have been influenced by Spring, the up and coming Mothers Day and not forgetting Easter.

Hanging Hearts with Daffodils & Bluebells

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks post, I am linking it to the Handmade Harbour Linky Up

Jan x 


  1. The sky in the View from the Warren photo is beautiful. Your hanging hearts are gorgeous and perfect for Mother's Day and Easter.
    Ali xx

  2. It's hard to believe that Mother Nature can give us a stunning sky from the Warren and terrible floods elsewhere. You've really captured 'spring' in the little hearts as I always associate that time of year with daffodils xx

  3. love your spring photos they are gorgeous and your painted hearts are adorable xx <3

  4. Lovely hearts and beautiful pictures - especially the snail in the moss! x

  5. Really does seem like spring from your pictures and the hanging hearts are just so delicately pretty, perfect spring decorations!

  6. You hanging hearts are so very pretty - I love the colours you have used for the backgrounds and the daffodils looks gorgeous. So nice to see blue skies - fingers crossed spring is on the way. Hope you have a good week.

  7. your hearts are soooo gorgeous! I know they'll be snapped up soon!

    My creativity is influenced a lot by the natural world too, its so lovely to have it on your doorstep isn't it... your photos are beautiful, thank you for sharing :) x

  8. What beautiful photos you have shared with us today Jan. And those hearts are beautiful.
    It has been too wet to enjoy any beauty in our surrounding area today. Pity as our snowdrops are beautiful right now.

  9. Amazing pictures, you obviously live somewhere very beautiful. I love your hanging hearts, I'm sure they'd make great Mother's Day gifts.

  10. I do like the snowdrop photo. In fact it is a bit annoying, as it is the picture I was trying to take at the weekend, but I couldn't find a clump just right. I also like the bluebells - such lovely flowers.

  11. Your photographs are amazing! Love the one with the snail. Have a good week, Jo x


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