Monday, 10 February 2014

Painting Daisies on Hanging Hearts

Hearts and Flowers are on the agenda this week, not Valentine Hearts or Roses but turquoise skies and daisies. The daisy is one of my favourite flowers and I often paint one or two into my work, I put them on my Fairy Doors, on my Swirly Tree Paintings and now I have painted them on Hearts.

I picked 3 different sized mdf hearts to paint and chose bright pinks and turquoise for the background....

Turquoise & Pink Background on the Hearts

I painted a smidgen of green in the point of the heart and using a couple of different shades of green I painted flower stems and grass.....

I used my Daisy photo's as inspiration...

Daisies in the Meadow

Painting the Daisies on the Heart

The backs of the Hearts have been left plain turquoise...

Back and the front of the Hearts

The finished Hanging Hearts

The large and middle sized Hearts have a pretty turquoise ribbon for hanging up and the smallest of the Hearts has a magnet attached.
I have put these in my Folksy Shop or if you would like something doing similar please contact me.

I'm planning on different colour and flower combinations, I'd love to hear what your choice would be?

 Jan X

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  1. These are beautiful. I love the colours of the heart and the beautiful daisies are just stunning. Beautiful work xxx

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. Daisies are my favourite flower and your version looks stunning against that turquoise sky x

  3. So so pretty. I absolutely love the colours you've used. Something really unique for valentines.
    Ali x

  4. Aww these are just soooo gorgeous! I love the turquoise/pink colour combo and your daisies are beautifully painted and full of life.

    I can see bluebells working well... or poppies? x

  5. You really caught the essence of what makes a daisy. I love them too. Daisies and all plants with daisy-like flowers. I also love snowdrops, thistles and my absolute favourite duble lilac ... Then there are roses ... I'm not much help, am I ;)

  6. I love the vibrant colours, they look fabulous.

  7. These hearts are beautiful. I'm sure they will be beautiful in whatever color your make them. It's a lovely design.

  8. Beautiful! The colour combination is my favourite and with the daisies looks stunning. I imagine they would sell very easily.

  9. These look so gorgeous. I love the choice of colours for the background. Since it's almost springtime, snowdrops or daffodils could look good.

  10. These daisy are stunning, I love the colors!!! All your work is just fantastic!!


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