Sunday, 19 January 2014

Handpainted Wooden Personalised Houses

Gosh, it seems an age since my last post, the reason for such a gap?  
Christmas Visits, New Year Celebrations and Blog Laziness!! I must admit that over the Christmas break I hardly looked at the blogs that I follow, that's so bad of me, but I did manage to post comments on one or two!!!
I may have been blog lazy but I haven't been craft lazy or art lazy. The run up to Christmas was a busy time and most of what I made were bought as gifts, many were personalised and I didn't want to put them on show until they had been received. So now I'm going to try and get back into the swing of things blog wise.

The Wooden Houses I made were popular this year and I painted a few family groups, I worked with the customer choosing colours and interests for the details.

A Trio of Wooden Houses

These are painted on all sides with details personal to each of the recipients.

Handpainted Wooden House

Cupcakes, flowers & a cute little dog

A Black Cat a Bicycle and a Computer

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Have a great week...

Jan x


  1. I adore your houses, and the personal touches make them really special. I can see why they are popular!

  2. Oooh i love these! All the details really bring them to life and the pastel colours are so pretty :) x

  3. Your houses are so beautiful Jan; the details you add to them are so lovely. Hope you have a good week.

  4. omg so adorable- love the house with the bike, so detailed! love it x

  5. These are brilliant, love the painting :D

  6. I absolutely love your houses....especially the one with the little owl and the dog. They are absolutely incredible. Probably my favourite of your things ever. I was thinking of making some little polymer clay houses but not sure I can compete with these......just gorgeous xxx

    1. You certainly should make them, everyone's are different so there's no competing just making alongside and enjoying :)

  7. Beautiful houses, I found it very hard to keep up with blogs over December and Christmas so I know how you feel!

  8. I tended to let my blog go a bit recently too. I love your houses with all the little details. It must be a well behaved dog on that green house if he isn't trying to get that cupcake :-)

  9. These are lovely. I do like all the little details, especially the little owl in the tree.

  10. SWEET!! - You can never go wrong with "Houses"! -- Actually, these have just given me "ideas" in trying something like this in other "mediums"... someday... when I've "caught up" with my own Blooging!

  11. WoW!
    Jan they are Super Sweet & what a lovely gift to give (or better still recieve!)

    Welcome back to you too !

    Siubhan x


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