Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Dinner with the family.

Are you all organised?
Have you finished shopping? 
Will the turkey fit in the oven? 
Have you forgotten anyone?.......... are you sure?

If you're hosting the Christmas Dinner don't forget that......

Sophie is allergic to nuts, 
Uncle Tom only drinks malt whiskey, 
Aunt May only likes the white meat and Aunty Anna likes the dark, 
or is that the other way around? 
Cousin Charlie will feed his sprouts to the dog under the table, 
Little Jimmy will pinch Uncle Tom's whiskey when nobody is looking,
Grandma doesn't like parsnip, Granddad will say “I'll have hers” 
Sophie won't eat Christmas pudding, 
Aunt May will only want a little bit, 
Aunty Anna will want second helpings, 
Little Jimmy is after Uncle Toms whiskey again, 
Sophie wants cheesecake, 
Cousin Charlie wants apple pie and custard, 
Grandma wants her Christmas pud with fresh cream, 
Granddad wants his with Brandy butter, 
Little Jimmy will fall off his chair. 

Don't forget the cheese and biscuits?

However you spend your Christmas I wish you a very happy and enjoyable one and may your 2014 be all you wish it to be.

Best Wishes to All

Jan x

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  1. Brilliant post, made me smile:) Merry Christmas

  2. So much to remember for Christmas. Hope yours is a very merry one :-)

  3. Oh, just the first few lines sends you into a sheer panic! Really nicely written and good fun to read. And yes, I think I got the cheese and biscuits, but probably will forget loads of other things! Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year!

  4. Well I am a Brit in the USA and they don't seem to cook turkey on Christmas day so I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn to pop the bird in the oven! They make ham here so I have purchased that.What I really miss about England is crackers. I cannot find them here boo hoo. Have a great English christmas and enjoy your industrial size box of Quality Street. Happy PPF

  5. Wishing you a very happy Christmas!!

  6. Hehe :) Christmas really is a minefield isn't it! Great fun though, i hope you have a wonderful day :) x

  7. Perfect story of Christmas dinner! Wishing you a wonderful holiday!

  8. That made me smile. Have a good time at Christmas.

  9. Wishing you a slightly less stressful Christmas! Have fun!

  10. A great post and a nice one to finish the year off with. Hope you and your family have a very Happy Christmas

  11. I have remembered everything - I just need to stop the kids from eating everything before the big day! Happy Christmas, look forward to catching up in the new year x

  12. Given that it's late Christmas Eve afternoon, if I've forgotten anything then so-be-it !!!!

    Have a wonderful Christmas xx

  13. Merry Christmas Jan. Also, remember to check the Christmas Pud you have been keeping! I didn't check until late Christmas Eve and so we had sticky toffee pudding instead!!

  14. All the best for this festive season and a Happy New Year!
    Enjoyed reading this "poem" :)

  15. A fabulous post, hope your Christmas dinner wasn't as challenging!


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