Sunday, 10 November 2013

Santa's Magic Keys and his Reindeer

This week has been a bit about the run up to Christmas, I went to La Hogue Farm Shop Tasting Day, while I was there I met....

Santa's Reindeer

I had a taste of scrumptious cheeses, meats and wines as well as honey and fudges, I can't show you all that I bought, I find that this time of year we often turn into Secret Agents, (cue Bond Music) but I can show you these lovely jams I enjoyed tasting, they're delicious. They are Wild Mirabelle which is a plum and Strawberry & Gooseberry which is an unusual combination but works well.

Yummy Jams from La Hogue Farm Shop

and this 11.2% beer, the percentage means nothing to me but apparently it's very strong.... I've no idea if it tastes good but I'm sure my son will give it a go.

Insanely Bad Elf Beer

I've also been making Santa's Magic Keys....

A Magic Key for Santa

The Keys are Tibetan Silver and these are available through my Facebook Page or my Folksy Shop

or you can always contact me through this blog.

Jan x

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  1. oooh i love your magic keys! such a cute idea and i love the silveryness, so magical :) x

  2. Oh the reindeer is so cute and your buys sound lovely. Your Santa key is a wonderful idea and it looks beautiful.
    Ali x

  3. the magic santa key is a fab idea - will help all those 'how can he get in without a chimney' wails!

  4. Love the idea of the magic key!

  5. I wonder which reindeer lol! Love the key - will post on FB. I bought Nick one last year. prefer yours.

    bath bomb creations & Grumpy Joes Pet Emp.

  6. I liked the key idea and lovely photo of reindeer. Seen on Handmade Harbour

  7. Wow, 11.2% alcohol beer !!!! I wouldn't mind a taste of that.....

    The Santa keys are so cute xx

  8. I saw the reindeer in the local paper. How lucky for you to see them. LOVE the idea of the Santa key. So, so clever. xx

  9. Oh, I love the Santa Key - such a lovely idea for a present. Insanely Bad Elf Beer sounds excellent - just what's needed on a very cold day when you have been selling on an outside stall. Gorgeous reindeer. Hope you have a good week.

  10. I'm definitely starting to feel more Christmasy and I love your Santa Secret Key - sure a good idea for children to keep all the important presents 'locked' away securely before you need them. Great idea.

  11. A great idea for a Santa key, especially as very few people have chimneys nowadays.

  12. Those keys will come in very handy for those people who live somewhere without a chimney :-)

    I'm sure that beer will be quite warming in this weather with that percentage of alcohol. It's about 2.5-3 times stronger than most regular lagers.


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