Sunday, 17 November 2013

A Classic VW Beetle for Handmade Monday

Gosh the weeks are rattling around really quickly, it's been a really busy week for me again, I'm certainly not complaining, I love doing what I do.

One of the things I've done this week was a Plaque for a Beetle fan, no, not the creepy crawly insect kind and not the sing song band but the VW Classic Car kind.
I painted the plaque from a couple of photo's I was sent, it's a lovely car and a beautiful colour, this is what I came up with. (the plaque has the registration plate painted on but I've pixelated it out for on here)

VW Beetle Work in Progress

The finished VW Beetle Plaque

Yellow 'Classic' VW Beetle Painted onto Wood

I was very pleased with the final result and more importantly the customer and the 'Birthday Boy' were really pleased. I got some great feedback, here is a snippet....

It's arrived! :) He loves it (and so do I)!!
Packing was lovely too.
Thanks so much!

It's Handmade Monday once again, a time to relax and have a mooch around lots of other great blogs, so follow the link and pop over, enjoy and have a great week.

Jan X


  1. What a lovely picture of the car. Love that yellowy colour most unusual.

  2. How lovely to get such lovely feedback :)

  3. That's great Jan, no wonder the customer was pleased x

  4. That beetle plaque is lovely, I love the colour. I'm not surprised that the recipient loved it.

  5. "A Beetle fan" can mean so many different things. Your plaque is lovely.

  6. Sooo gorgeous! The image really pops, great to hear the customer was so thrilled with it :) x

    1. Fabulous plaque. I like the fact that it looks hand painted and not just a print, and how nice to make it personal with the number plate too!

  7. It's fabulous, and it's no surprise the customer was so happy!

  8. Brilliant! What a gorgeous gift, no wonder they were so thrilled! :)

  9. You are very talented, it looks great

  10. It's lovely and very well deserved feedback - well done. Hope you have a good week.

  11. Great plaque and great feedback! It's so nice to get good feedback isn't it!

  12. It looks fab, my vw crazy friend would love this!

  13. This looks fabulous. Hubby has a beetle but alas it is not roadworthy right now. I drove it once and loved it!

  14. It looks great, I'm glad they liked it. it also goes to show how important packaging things nicely can be.

  15. It's gorgeous. I love how you've managed to make it have a cute personality, just like Herbie, the famous Beatle xx


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