Thursday, 3 October 2013

How to put photo's on the Folksy Forum?

UPDATE... Here is the post for the UPDATED instructions for putting photo's on the Folksy Forum. 
I have a Folksy Shop and I used to find it really difficult to put a photo from my shop onto the forum, lots of other people have problems with this too. There have been posts written about it but it always sound so complicated, hopefully, one day, the process will be improved and we won't have to deal with all the palaver of 'codes' and copying not only the shop url but also the chosen picture url. I'm going to try and explain how I do it..... wish me luck. I've used highlights to make it easier to see where I'm talking about.

1. Firstly this is the code you need to use...

<a href=""><img height="200" src="http://image.code.JPG"></a>

This code has 3 sets of speech marks with 'instructions' inside each set..... 

<a href=""><img height="200" src="http://image.code.JPG"></a>

Set 1 - Your shop URL
Set 2 - The size of the photo
Set 3 - Your picture URL

 Put the code into the 'Reply to Topic' box on the Folksy Forum

2. Replace where it says myshop with your own shop name, so mine will be

<a href=""><img height="200" src="http://image.code.JPG"></a>

3. Next you need to choose the image from your shop

Go to the image you want. right click and choose 'copy image location'

Click on Copy Image Location

The following is the the type of code you will get for this an image, the code is different for each picture

4. then paste the code into the RED section so it looks like this..

<a href=""><img height="200" src=""></a>
It's important to paste inside the speech marks “ “ and make sure you don't remove them or leave a space.

The code in the 'Reply to Topic' box on the Forum

Hit the 'Save Reply' Button and your photo will then be on the forum.

My photo on the Forum

5. You can decide how big you want your photo to look on the forum by changing the 200 in the code to either 300 or even 400 so if you decide you want a bigger picture go to 'edit post', change the 200 to 300 then click 'Save Reply'


I keep a copy of the code as it's written out in number 2 in 'My Documents' that way I just copy and paste from there to the forum and I just have to add the image code. I find this is easier for me as I always have 'Word' open anyway and I have 2 tabs open, one for my shop and one for the forum.

And did you know???
You can use the same code to put pics on the Folksy Forum from your blog by putting your blog URL between the first lot of speech marks and the image URL between the third set of speech marks. 

I hope this makes sense to you, let me know if you have any questions and I'll try and help in any way I can. 

 UPDATE... Here is the post for the UPDATED instructions for putting photo's on the Folksy Forum. 
how to put clickable picture on the Folksy Forum

Jan X


  1. That's a really good tutorial, very helpful, especially mentioning how you keep the code open in a document to copy and paste. I also found the colour-coded instructions very handy! I know how to do this but always forget if I've not done it for a while, so it's good to have a reminder :)

  2. This is a great post to be able to point people to - there always seems to be someone asking how to do this. It's something I've been meaning to write for a while but never got round to, so thank you as you've saved me a job!


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